Top 10 expert discussions taking place at Cloud & 5G LIVE

Ahead of Cloud & 5G LIVE on 11 & 12 October, Mobile Magazine looks ahead to some of the most highly anticipated keynotes, firesides and panels taking place

With Cloud & 5G LIVE just six weeks away, what better way to gear up for the fully virtual conference than by looking ahead to some of the most highly-anticipated sessions at the event?

Coming to you this October, Cloud & 5G LIVE makes a triumphant return as an exclusive two-day virtual event for industry leaders, following its debut as a stage at Tech LIVE 2022, live from Tobacco Dock in London last June.

Five themes will guide attendees through this year’s bumper two-day event: The Future of Cloud Computing, The Future of 5G, Women in Cloud & 5G, Cloud & Infrastructure, 5G Network Transformation.

Day one will cover the vast and ever-evolving subject of 5G, followed by cloud and sustainability across day two. 

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The conference, streamed via Brella, will feature engaging keynote speeches, panel discussions and live Q&A sessions with industry experts.

Here, Mobile Magazine rounds up some of the must see talks at Cloud & 5G LIVE that definitely should not be missed.

And what good is a round-up of our announced speakers without revealing many more cloud & 5G leaders set to grace the virtual stage? Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for some never-before-revealed speaker announcements sprinkled among the already announced leaders appearing at the event. 

10. 5G Networks: Paving the Way for Enhanced Connectivity and Innovation
Speaker(s): Ravi Sinha, VP of 5G and 6G Technology and Product Development at Reliance Jio
Date and time: 4:05pm BST, 12 October

The first speaker announced to be taking part in Cloud & 5G LIVE, Sinha will lead a keynote, 5G Networks: Paving the Way for Enhanced Connectivity and Innovation, during the 5G Network Transformation segment of Cloud & 5G LIVE, closing the second day of the event.  Sinha is a versatile research and development executive with experience in leadership roles in the wireless industry. He has a wealth of experience across the sector, specifically in product development and technology strategy, business analysis, M&A assessments and strategy planning.

Speaker(s): Ravi Kumar Palepu, SVP, Global Head of TMT Solutions & 5G at Virtusa, TBC
Date and time: 3:20pm BST, 11 October

Ravi Kumar Palepu is the Senior Vice President and Global Head of Network Services and 5G at Prodapt. Kumar Palepu has extensive experience in delivering complex OSS/BSS, Digital transformation programme and product/solution GTM with a focus on emerging technologies to address the demand and and challenges in telecom space. Joined by two yet-to-be-announced speakers for The 5G Leaders Forum, Kumar Palepu will share his knowledge as a 5G pioneer with Cloud & 5G LIVE’s global virtual audience.

8. The Cloud & Sustainability Forum
Speaker(s): Susanna Kass, Data and Sustainability Advisor and Co-Founder at InfraPrime, TBC
Date and time: 12:30pm BST, 12 October

Data and Sustainability Advisor and Co-Founder of InfraPrime Susanna Kass will be joined by two currently undisclosed executives for The Cloud & Sustainability Forum on the second day of Cloud & 5G LIVE. The popular and much-loved sustainability leader appeared as a speaker twice at sister event Data Centre LIVE in May, hosting the Sustainable Innovation in Data Centres keynote and contributed to the The Sustainable Data Centre Forum. At Cloud & 5G LIVE, she will take her knowledge - which primarily applies to the data centre industry - and apply it to the cloud, and how sustainability does not have to be sacrificed while pursuing technological advances.

7. 5G and the Transformative Role of Local Bodies
Speaker(s): Ceren Clulow, Programme Director at Cambridgeshire County Council
Date and time: 1:50pm BST, 11 October

Returning after her debut on the Cloud & 5G LIVE stage at Tech LIVE 2022 discussing DE&I, this time around Ceren Clulow will talk about how 5G can have an impact on a local level, as well as on a wider scale. Her keynote, 5G and the Transformative Role of Local Bodies, will localise how 5G can amplify and aid the work carried out by local instrituions fot the betterment of communities. Clulow is also an Ericsson 5G Trailblazer and is passionate about using 5G for good.

6. *EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT* The 5G Transformation Forum
Speaker(s): Paul Gowans, Global Director Regional & Channel Marketing at VIAVI Solutions, Rohit Kanwar, CTO at Accenture and Manish Magal, Global Business Head, 5G & Network Services at Tech Mahindra
Date and time: 3:15pm BST, 12 October

Following an earlier announcement that Manish Mangal would take to the virtual stage at Cloud & 5G LIVE, we can now exclusively announce that he will be joined by VIAVI Solutions’ Paul Gowans and Rohit Kanwar of Accenture for the panel. The trio, with expertise spanning telecommunications, consulting and IT services, will discuss 5G network transformation on day two of Cloud & 5G LIVE. This is now Gowans’ first time at CloudT & 5G LIVE, with the Global Director taking part in the Opening up the 5G discussion on the Cloud & 5G LIVE stage at Tech LIVE 2022, as well as Automation, Cloud and Optimising the 5G Network.

5. Fueling the Future: Exploring the Transformative Potential of 5G
Speaker(s): Jassim Al Awadhi
Date and time: 1:15pm BST, 11 October

At Cloud & 5G LIVE, telecom expert Al Awadhi will host the fireside Fueling the Future: Exploring the Transformative Potential of 5G. The session takes place on day one of the two-day event, which encompasses the theme The Future of 5G. Independent speaker Al Awadhi is part of the Digital Transformation programme at leading telecom organisation du, one of the two main telecom operators in the United Arab Emirates, and brings his industry knowledge to the virtual event to look forward to how 5G can propel the sector forward.

4. The Power of SaaS Transformation: Embracing the Cloud and 5G Revolution
Speaker(s): Mark Bunn, SVP, SaaS Business Operations at Nokia Cloud and Network Services
Date and time: 2:50pm BST, 11 October

Nokia’s Mark Bunn will share his SaaS expertise with Cloud & 5G’s virtual and global audience for his keynote on embracing the cloud and 5G revolution and how it can be used to transform operations. He brings more than 25 years of experience in product management and software development to the Cloud & 5G floor, as well as a passion for driving SaaS transformation. 

3. *EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT* Accelerating Sustainability & Debarbonization through the AWS Cloud
Speaker(s): Tobias Kederer, EMEA Head of Sustainability & Migrations/Modernization at AWS
Date and time: 10:05am BST, 12 October

Tobias Kederer leads the EMEA AWS Sustainability and Migration Practice for Professional Services. His team of experts partner with enterprise customers to migrate to the cloud and then leverage cloud capabilities to innovate which includes accelerating the sustainability transformation of AWS customers through the use of data analytics, ML and AI. Kederer’s keynote, Accelerating Sustainability & Debarbonization through the AWS Cloud is set to draw in crowds interested in minimising their negative environmental output by leveraging AWS tools.

2. *EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT* Unleashing the Power of 5G: Transforming Industries and Accelerating Innovation
Speaker(s): Ken Urquhart, Global Vice-President, 5G Strategy at Zscaler
Date and time: 4:30pm BST, 12 October

The Global Vice President of 5G Strategy at one of the world's leading cloud security platforms, Ken Urquhart brings more than four decades of experience in the technology industry and a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that 5G/6G brings to enterprises and start-ups across various sectors and regions to Cloud & 5G LIVE. Passionate about 5G, AI, cybersecurity and engineering, Urquhart brings his ability to deliver innovative solutions that drive bottom-line growth and competitive advantage in his day-to-day role to Cloud & 5G LIVE’s audiences via his keynote He is also an experienced recruiter and mentor, so audience members can expect a rich and immersive experience.

1. *EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT* 5G and Cloud for Sustainable Innovation
Speaker(s): Paul Graham, Technical Consulting Manager at Oracle Consulting
Date and time: 10:35am BST, 11 October

The last announcement in this lineup, 5G and Cloud Native specialist Paul Graham from Oracle’s consulting branch will lead a keynote at Cloud & 5G LIVE focusing on how 5G and cloud can be utilised for sustainable innovation. New in post, he previously held roles across a variety of sectors in technical, engineering and managerial roles, encouraging development and has co-authored a book.

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