Extreme Labs Launch: A Networking Hub for R&D and Innovation

Extreme Networks launches its Extreme Labs ecosystem to further lead on cloud networking and harness cutting-edge technologies to fuel innovation

Mobile Magazine is on site at Extreme Networks’ Extreme Connect 2024 User Conference to witness the company’s latest technological innovations.

The latest for the cloud networking leader is Extreme Labs - a dynamic offering that aims to blend creativity, collaboration and cutting-edge technologies to actualise innovation. Extreme Labs is a venue for the company to showcase their technology before it becomes commercially available for customers.

These technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), the cloud and networking security tools to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and government organisations.

Extreme Labs seeks to drive technology development with wide impact to jointly promote and design innovative products that are likely to become widely adopted by enterprises by 2030.

Designing, optimising and deploying networks of the future

At the event in Fort Worth, Texas (United States), Extreme demonstrated Extreme AI Expert, its first technology preview from Extreme Labs. 

Extreme AI Expert builds on the company’s investment in AI beyond its ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot solution, which harness AIOps, and utilises generative AI (Gen AI) to optimise and save costs in the design, deployment and management of business networking and security solutions.

The tool is designed to go beyond the public product and deliver the best insights with network optimisation. It aims to securely and effectively combine public data with the private data of its customers to create proactive recommendations that make it easier for enterprise customers to accelerate information discovery and solve complex problems across their networking environment.

Some future benefits of Extreme Labs include:
  • Acting as an expert on Extreme products and services to help work faster and smarter. This involves seamlessly accessing rich data from hundreds of thousands of source documents, with data being pulled from a combination of Extreme’s public repository, knowledge base and Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) documentation.
  • Leveraging data from the network to improve performance and operational efficiency, which involves pulling and combining data from applications and devices across the network to establish intelligence on performance and experience.
  • Extreme AI Expert will curate enterprise data to provide insights, automate operations and create alerts when it detects anomalies like network overload, degradation or Wi-Fi dead spots.
  • The tool also aims to turn insights into action by recommending preventative actions and network optimisations based on business KPIs. It seeks to create suggestions and best practices to troubleshoot, resolve or proactively address issues.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation

Extreme Networks continually aims to push the boundaries of technology by leveraging AI, machine learning and automation. The company boasts more than 50,000 customers around the world who trust its end-to-end cloud-driven networking solutions, with the goal of accelerating their digital transformation efforts.

The company is also debuting Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 offerings at its conference, hoping to provide companies with data and analysis to align with their business objectives.

"At our core, we fuel innovation. With Extreme Labs, we're not just pushing boundaries; we're rewriting them and redefining norms. We embody the ethos of simplifying networking and challenging conventions,” says Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Extreme Networks. 

“Extreme AI Expert is just another example of how we create best-in-class technology that empowers customers to drive impactful outcomes. Collaborating with customers and partners throughout the innovation cycle gives them a voice and sets a bar of excellence, especially as we fully immerse ourselves in an era of AI, networking and security convergence.”

Extreme Networks is aiming to integrate Extreme AI Expert into its solutions later in 2024.

Watch the keynote speeches from the conference in Fort Worth here: 


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