Top 10 Mobile Magazine telco reports of 2023

Looking across company reports featured in Mobile Magazine and its sister titles in 2023, we highlight some of the best telco reports of the year so far

A key way of not only showcasing the success of individual companies but others that collaborate on and facilitate on projects, company reports in Mobile Magazine and its sister titles celebrate partnerships which create waves across the industry.

Here, we take a look through 10 of the best telco company reports to date.

10. T-Mobile

Max Caballero-Vieyra, SVP of Devices & Supply Chain, provides exclusive insights into how supply chain transformation is asserting T-Mobile as value leader in this company report from March 2023. The report explores how T-Mobile has built resilience into its consumer supply chain, tackles the unique challenges of the American market, and plans to further digital transformation in the future. 

“Our planning and execution are frequently impacted by changes in promotions, particularly around devices. And the complexity comes in managing all that demand of products – different price points, different customer needs – and ensuring that we can always have the products that our customers need, where they need them,” Caballero-Vieyra explained. 

Read the report here.

9. Axiata

Powering digital transformation in Asia, Axiata’s CTO Dr Tomek Gerszberg sat down with Mobile Magazine for the discusses 5G, the cloud and security in this company report from the upcoming November edition. Focusing on products and solutions for the enterprises across Asia and supports delivering homogenous offerings for clients by responding to customer needs with fresh innovation, Dr Gerszberg said: “We grow towards managed connectivity, but also addressing the customer needs in the field of cloud, security, and system integration. Axiata Enterprise provides smart services with a strong focus on digital transformation, based on 5G.”

Read the report here.

8. Liberty Global​​​​​​​

“Our core mission is to build tomorrow's connections today,” Pieter Vervoort, Liberty Global’s Vice President for Entertainment Products, explained. This is part of its transformation as a world leader in converged broadband, video and mobile communications, and an active investor in cutting-edge infrastructure, content, and technology ventures. Transforming the world of entertainment using the power of technology, Vervoort explains that providing consumers with one place where they can find all of their personal content, all served in a very intuitive manner is core to this, rather than having a sole emphasis on fixed-mobile convergence and broadband packages. 

Read the report here.

7. M1​​​​​​​

Taking a customer-centric approach to transformation, Singaporean telco M1 is hyper-focused on taking a customer-centric approach in its ambition to become a digital powerhouse. CDO Jan Morgenthal highlighted how M1 plans to be a fully digital operator, but also to offer made-to-measure offerings and expand its enterprise business, which he stressed as a key area for the brand.

He said: “We also want to follow up on our regional growth plan. Globally we are not as big as other telco groups - but we want to play smart.”

Read the report here.

6. T-Mobile

“At T-Mobile, I lead a team that is focused on driving the innovation and transformation of our network. It’s a privilege to set a leadership example of what is possible, and one of my passions is to give back by helping women and minorities build and thrive in a technology career.”

With a mission to be the best in the world at connecting customers to what matters to them most, Edwige Robinson, Senior Vice President of Network Engineering and Operations for the Central Region at T-Mobile US sat down with Mobile Magazine for this January 2023 company report to share her passion for making technology more inclusive.

Read the report here.

5. Indara

Scott Robson, the Executive Director of Deployment at Indara, is in charge of Indara’s extensive portfolio of more than 4,300 sites. As one of Australia’s leading owners and operators of wireless digital infrastructure, Robson’s exclusive interview with Mobile Magazine in March 2023 highlights the key elements of his role and the factors that enable Indara to strengthen its reputation as a leading digital infrastructure provider. 

“Our vision is to accelerate a sustainable digital future – across all of Australia – being our customers’ first choice provider of innovative wireless digital infrastructure, supporting smarter and more connected communities,” Robson explains.  

Read the report here.

4. Rakuten

In association with Bluewaves Mobility Innovation, Baytec and CIQ, Tareq Amin, CEO and CTO of Rakuten Symphony, sat down for an exclusive interview to discuss the company’s modern approach to operations, the strategy behind software vs hardware and its revolutionary new Mobile as a Software platform. At a pivotal moment for telecoms, Rakuten Symphony unveils the revolutionary future offered by a Mobile-as-a-Software mindset and modular technology.

“While consumer devices have evolved substantially since the invention of the 1G mobile network in the 80s, the fundamental foundation of these networks has never changed. They are still run on proprietary hardware, have a strong hardware dependency, require long lead times to build, and bring extremely high operational complexity. And thus, here comes Rakuten,” Amin said.

Read the report here.


Calling 2023 the ‘defining year for Open RAN networking’, Sadayuki Abeta, Global Head of Open RAN Solutions and OREX Evangelist at NTT DOCOMO — the number one mobile operator in Japan — delved into how NTT DOCOMO, as the world's only company to have constructed networks implemented with multiple vendors since the 4G era, is leveraging its expertise to support the Open RAN efforts of operators worldwide. 

Having launched its first-generation service in 1979, in the years since, the company has pioneered new technologies. One such technology is the OREX (Open RAN Ecosystem Experience), which DOCOMO adopted earlier in 2023 to strengthen the support scheme for international telecom operators in delivering the Open RAN system.

Read the report here.

2. Sunrise

Following her appointment as Sunrise’s CIO, Anna Maria Blengino sat down with Mobile Magazine to discuss its partnership with Nokia and how Sunrise is harnessing Nokia’s telecommunications technology, digital transformation, building a diverse team and being a mother in STEM.

“I am a proud mother of a girl and a boy, who despite having had a busy mother in STEM, probably did not perceive it as such a bad experience, because both have decided to study engineering too!,” she joked. “My mantra is: keep moving and stay on top of changes.”

She views that her tenure will optimise the engagement and partnerships with Sunrise’s vendors and spread Sunrise values and leadership principles.

Read the report here.

1. T-Mobile

Featuring in this month’s Technology Magazine and the upcoming November edition of Mobile Magazine, T-Mobile’s company report showcases how the US telco is at the forefront of the advancement of 5G. Erin Raney, T-Mobile’s Senior Director Network Technology Services and Innovation has spent her entire 23-year telecommunications career at the telco giant, joining T-Mobile — then VoiceStream — in 2000. In the years since she has risen through the ranks and for the past seven years, has been the founder and leading force of T-Mobile’s Tech Experience innovation programme, and in 2022 opened T-Mobile’s first technology innovation centre, the Tech Experience 5G Hub. 

“Back when I started it was just making a simple call and being able to do that maybe from your car while you're in a major city or an urban area. Now you think about all the things that you leverage our network for from a services perspective, from just about anywhere. The technology evolution is truly fascinating,” she said.

T-Mobile works with partners such as Dell, with this partnership seeing T-Mobile developing solutions that make it easier for enterprise and government customers to embrace the 5G era in collaboration with Dell’s edge computing technologies — providing superfast speeds, ultra-low latency, and control they need to use new applications that can help to increase revenue and lower costs. 

Read the report here.


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