Highlights from the Cloud & 5G stage, on TECH LIVE Day 2

Last week, TECH LIVE LONDON returned to Tobacco Docks. Alex Tuck, the stage host and Technology Magazine Editor in Chief, shares his highlights from Day 2

Our TECH LIVE LONDON, sponsored by Claroty, wrapped up with some great speakers this past Friday 24th of June. 

A little reminder again to those who signed up; you can catch all the in-person speaker’s sessions now on demand via the Brella app. 

Being able to quiz some of the brightest minds on 5G and the technologies that support its roll out and capability across every sector, was a rewarding and enlightening experience. 

While Day 1 saw us delve into roaming robotics, 5G connected forests, great advice on how to optimise and monetise 5G through software-as-a-service and how partnerships are crucial to protecting and building new network infrastructures, our focus on Day 2 was on the commercial opportunities and the benefits to society that 5G can bring, as it rolls out across sectors such as healthcare and automotive.

Here’s a snapshot at what was covered on the Cloud & 5G stage on Day 2...

A better connected world

Tag With Me opened up the Cloud & 5G stage with a talk around green social prescribing, which links people to nature-based interventions and activities, such as local walking for health, and some of their projects that bring a range of benefits, from improvements in mental health to restoration of the heritage experience through interactivity.

Researchers Kieran Woodward and Will Parker of Nottingham Trent University were joined on stage by Jenny Bailey of NHS Foundation Trust to discuss the marvellous world of tagging and how partnerships between technologists and key services can bring transformative outcomes.

Jenny Bailey, NHS Foundation Trust

Optimising the 5G network and commercial opportunities

We were very lucky to have Tara McDaid, Regional Vice President Sales @ SalesForce, who tackled the ultimate business challenge for 5G: how to monetize it and make it a commercial success. It was fascinating to see how a partnering organisation such as SalesForce have researched the needs of telcos in particular to provide the kind of 'single pane of glass' needed to interpret such vast amounts of data and monetise this.

Tara McDaid, Regional Vice President Sales at Salesforce

Portable data centres could be everywhere soon

Tony Grayson, GM of Compass Quantum for Compass Data Centers, gave a fascinating insight into the future of edge, and how as the data increases due to 5G and IoT, there will be a need to move the power and storage closer to where the data is collected from, so the speeds and latency aren't affected.

A man of huge experience and a former US Navy Commander of the USS PROVIDENCE, Grayson gave us a tantalising glimpse into what the data centre world will resemble in the future.

Tony Grayson, General Manager, Compass Data Centers

A crackling fireside discussion on OpenRAN

Stephen Douglas of Spirent Communications was joined by Manish Parthak of IBM to shed light on all things OpenRAN, including the O-RAN Alliance, partnership opportunities, the current state vs. the potential and what kinds of challenges that the mobile industry faces in adopting this technology. 

Plus, a vision of 5G and even beyond to the R&D that's going into 6G possibilities.

Stephen Douglas, Spirent Communications & Manish Pathak, IBM join Alex Tuck on stage

Real world benefits of 5G

Robert Franks of West Midlands 5G took to the stage to open up the possibilities for 5G around the UK and beyond. His organisation is working closely with manufacturers, SMEs, universities and hospitals across the region, developing new digital applications that will help drive economic growth and make a real and positive difference to the people and businesses of the West Midlands.

Robert Franks, Managing Director, WM5G

Wi-Fi 6 and the home of the future

Airties EVP & CMO Nicholas Fortineau gave us demonstration of what is possible as Wi-Fi and 5G technologies unlock unprecedented performance in connectivity. 5G provides a compelling access technology to reach many homes, but for overall device connectivity, Wi-Fi is and will remain the dominant wireless technology within the home.

Fortineau explains how the two technologies co-exist and complement one another, HOW Wi-Fi 6 can be used to offload 5G cellular data traffic and Airties’ experience launching the world’s first residential OpenRoaming trials.

Nicholas Fortineau, EVP & CMO, Airties

Opening up the 5G discussion

Our 5G panel discussion featured Amir Abdelazim Expert Partner @ Detecon International, Jessica Ellis, Director of Applied 5G @ Deloitte, Jeremy Spencer, Marketing and Communications Director @ BAI Communications and Paul Gowans, Global Director 5G @ VIAVI Solutions.

In a wide-ranging discussion, topics included commercial partnership strategy, R&D and the future of 5G, how to reach net zero in the world that commands more power to run and network infrastructure challenges, to name but a few.

It was a high level and exploratory insight that tempered the excitement of 5G possibilities with the cautionary message that it is very much in its infancy, and will require a collective effort and technological advancement to reach its potential.

5G Panel discussion with Amir Abdelazim, Expert Partner @ Detecon International, Jessica Ellis, Director of Applied 5G @ Deloitte, Jeremy Spencer, Marketing and Communications Director @ BAI Communications, and Paul Gowans Global Director 5G @ VIAVI Solutions


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