CSL Mobile, Forghetti launch password management solution

Forghetti, a mobile app and security tech start-up has launched a new password management solution in collaboration with CSL Mobile Limited

Security tech start-up and app Forghetti has announced a cyber security agreement with CSL Mobile Limited, Hong Kong’s leading mobile communications service provider, to equip csl and 1O1O customers with an innovative Forghetti password management solution.

The application will be made available free of charge to all csl and 1O1O customers subscribing to 5G service plans.

Michael Crompton, Founder & CEO of Forghetti, said: “It is with great pleasure and pride that we have chosen csl as our exclusive MNO partner in Hong Kong. Forghetti’s simple approach to password management enables csl’s subscribers to adopt best practice password management on all their devices with the utmost ease. This represents a significant milestone for Forghetti in Asia, and I look forward to a successful partnership with CSL Mobile in the region and beyond."


Bruce Lam, Managing Director of CSL Consumer Mobile, added: “We are proud to be offering our customers one of the most innovative password cyber security solutions available in the market, at a time when technological solutions are abound and security is at the forefront of our minds.”

According to Forghetti, people today routinely rely on more than 50 online services, each of which requires a username and password. Research shows using the same passwords for multiple services makes life much easier for hackers and often leads to the innocent losing money and/or personal data.

How does Forghetti’s password management solution reduce the likelihood of attacks and maintain user security?

Using unique passwords reduces the likelihood of a successful attack by more than 50%.  Forghetti does not follow the traditional method of storing passwords in a vault. Instead, it computes a strong password via a combination of more than 10 unique elements including a user’s own personal doodle drawing. This relieves the user from having to memorise seemingly endless sequences of letters, numbers and special characters, while maintaining a high standard of security. 

The Forghetti application is compatible with all smartphone platforms, as well as PC, Mac and browsers, allowing users  to retrieve their passwords more easily.

The agreement between Forghetti and CSL Mobile ensures all csl/1O1O’s 5G subscribers are safeguarded by the best possible password management practice. “Each and every Forghetti password is generated by a drawn doodle. It’s unique, complex and, most importantly, NOT stored,” Forghetti claims.  

To keep IT systems safe and secure, every person will need to adopt robust password management, and can be thought of in the same way as wearing a seatbelt in a car, Forghetti said in a company statement. 




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