Colt Technology Services: Embracing Future Connectivity

Mobile Magazine speaks with Colt Technology Services’ Carlo Azzola about how advanced computing architectures have propelled AI to the forefront of telecom innovation
We speak with Carlo Azzola, Country Manager at Colt Technology Services, about how AI can act as a catalyst for network services transformation

The telecommunications industry continues to witness the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) as it seeks to revolutionise operations.

As traditional services develop to embrace digital transformation, the need for speed when it comes to connectivity and networking has never been greater. According to a recent report by PwC, global data consumption over telecom networks will nearly triple, from 3.4 million petabytes in 2022, to 9.7 million petabytes in 2027. 

With this in mind, we speak with Colt Technology Services’ Carlo Azzola about how advanced computing architectures have propelled AI to the forefront of telecom innovation. He explains how the technology continues to transform diverse areas like the network services, the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and customer experience.

Telcos unlock new opportunities with AI

Connectivity remains the crux of numerous key industries, particularly as more and more people are becoming connected. As a result, customers are demanding more flawless communication, faster Wi-Fi speeds and reliable connectivity more than ever before.

“This surge in demand has paved the way for the ascent of AI in network management,” Carlo explains. “Research we carried out among 755 IT leaders in Europe and Asia found 89% are either already using or plan to use AI in the management of their digital infrastructure.”

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Telecommunications providers are already starting to recognise AI’s potential, now viewing the technology as a catalyst for revolutionising the industry. AI can help not only to automate tasks for workers, but to also improve all areas of a network.

As Carlo explains, the telecoms industry holds vast network infrastructure, massive data repositories and a responsibility to connect businesses around the world - all significant areas that could hugely benefit from AI.

“By leveraging the capabilities of AI, telcos are unlocking a wealth of new opportunities and are driving profound transformations in their operations,” he adds. “AI can empower them to optimise network performance, enhance service quality, streamline processes, and deliver personalised customer experiences, as well as enhancing security and minimising downtime by detecting and resolving anomalies.”

AI and automation is already working within telecoms to significantly improve efficiency, reduce costs and allow operators to offer digital services beyond the realms of traditional connectivity. 

As Carlo highlights: “Telecom providers are currently using AI in diverse areas to enhance their operations. For instance, AI-powered network management is enabling predictive maintenance, intelligent resource allocation, and dynamic network optimisation.

“AI algorithms analyse data in real-time, making network operations more efficient and responsive. AI is also revolutionising customer experiences by personalising services, anticipating customer needs, and enabling proactive issue resolution.”

Colt Technology Services is also harnessing the power of AI, utilising an AI-powered recommendation engine built on Microsoft Azure. The tool aims to enable the company to improve its relationship with its customers by learning more about their organisations and strategies.

“It gave us a deep understanding of our customers, and enhanced their overall customer experience, resulting in a 14-point increase in our Net Promoter Score to industry-leading levels,” Carlo says. “Empowered by AI, virtual assistants and chatbots seamlessly provide ongoing support, enhance self-service options, and deliver instant responses to customer queries, revolutionising the customer service experience.”

A crucial need for AI ethics

Rapid AI growth is revealing an even wider range of use cases than ever before, enabling network providers to harness the technology across multiple application areas.

With the opportunity of AI, however, comes responsibility. Carlo explains that whilst telecom providers are able to scale their transformations with AI, they must ensure that the technology they use is ethical.

“It’s widely reported that Gen AI models such as ChatGPT place an additional strain on data centres in the form of water requirements for cooling, but at the same time, AI has a critical part to play in reducing energy emissions within the network,” he says.

In fact, according to a Nokia study, 78% of telecoms companies were found to count on AI energy solutions to reduce network energy use. The AI detected and temporarily shut down unused energy resources to minimise power consumption and reduce emissions. 

“The synergy between 5G networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the exponential growth of Big Data has become the catalyst prompting network services providers to prioritise their focus on AI,” Carlo highlights. “As enterprises become more intertwined with the digital realm, the concept of AIoT signifies a new era where network infrastructures are not just interconnected but are also intelligent, adaptive and predictive.”

As AI adoption continues to advance within the global business landscape, capitalising on it alongside other technologies to advance business developments has become more necessary. 

Carlo comments: “Embracing this dynamic landscape requires network providers to stay abreast of AI advancements and proactively seek potential application areas within their organisation, enabling them to harness the power of AI for innovation and growth.”


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