Sustainability, Security and Revenue in App Development

We’re Seeing a Growing Commitment in Mobile to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Curb Climate Change, Comments Linda Ouyang, VP & GM Digital Turbine

Leading independent growth and monetisation platform Digital Turbine is changing the mobile advertising landscape to create an independent mobile advertising platform that levels up the playing field for advertisers, publishers, operators and OEMs. The company uses on-device data to catalyse ad experiences to deliver superior economics and provide better alternatives for distribution and monetisation. 

As expectations and customer use of mobile apps continues to develop and advance, what do developers need to consider, and how can they stay ahead of the curve?

Monetisation at the heart of development

App developers are increasingly exploring new monetisation opportunities and testing new tools to maximise yield, partly prompted by the convergence of SDK Bidding streamlining access to demand, and privacy changes challenging efficacy of UA campaigns. As some app publishers already see 50% of revenues outside of standard (Apple/Google) app stores, services for app publishers solving fragmentation of OS/Stores are increasingly present.

App developers that are still adjusting to post-IDFA user acquisition on the iOS side are facing further adaptation to running user acquisition campaigns without relying on GAIDs.

“While app stores may have changed the mobile world, the mobile world has changed in the last 15 years,” says Matt Tubergen, EVP Global Partnerships and Corporate Development at Digital Turbine. 

“With millions of apps on app store shelves, mobile marketers must consider finding alternative places to showcase their apps. After all, consumers don’t go to warehouses to get one product. Look for alternative, boutique, and niche stores to drive success for savvy mobile marketers.”

Tubergen has been with Digital Turbine since 2015, having previously held positions at Appia and Taptica. He is passionate about the opportunities that the mobile industry offers in exploring the intersection of technology, economics and psychology. 

“We’re seeing an increase in brands shifting their metrics from viewability to attention — harnessing these new metrics to seek attentive outcomes is taking centre stage,” believes  Jon Hudson, Senior Vice President, Global Revenue at Digital Turbine.

“Does it matter if you find the right person if they don’t pay attention? Targeting without attention will leave your brand on the sidelines. Savvy brands should look for a media mix that not only helps find the right person, but finds them in a place where they are willing to listen.”

Cyber security and privacy 

Cyber security is an increasing priority for everyone in the tech space, but privacy is being brought to the forefront as Google begins to enforce their privacy sandbox and Android becomes as addressable as iOS.

“The mobile industry is set to witness another significant focus on the expansion of privacy changes with the rollout of Google’s Privacy Sandbox and additional privacy steps by Apple,” says Yoad Makov, Managing Director, Publishers Global at Digital Turbine. Makov has an impressive history of business development throughout Asia, working for Fyber, Inneractive, and others. 

“The period required for the industry to adjust will present challenges to the efficacy of UA campaigns. App developers will need to get ahead of the challenge in order to mitigate the impact on ad revenue by looking for new ways to optimise it. Amongst others, developers can do this by maximising their access to brand demand as well as using CMPs in Europe.”

Curbing climate change

As climate change becomes an increasingly real threat, all eyes are turning to net zero strategy and ESG data. 

“We’re seeing a growing commitment in mobile to reduce carbon emissions and make a positive impact on curbing climate change,” comments Linda Ouyang, VP & GM, Global Supply & Exchange, Digital Turbine. Ouyang is also Chief Revenue Officer at Fyber, a Digital Turbine Company, having previously spent five years at Twitter (now X).

“Every step of the journey is important to the overall impact, and we have several strategic initiatives this year that will help to decarbonise our contributions in the programmatic supply chain. Actively moving toward an SDK Bidding environment, optimising for the attention of ad placements, driving improvements in smart, throttling algorithms to reduce wasted ad opportunities, and continuing to support industry standard parameters for tracking supply directness are just a few measures we’ve taken. In the coming years, these actions will contribute to a growing market-wide effort that should include improving each brand, publisher, and adtech company’s carbon footprint.”


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