MWC24: Expect Gen AI Progress, Cloud, Edge & Sustainability

Mobile Magazine is live at MWC Barcelona 2024 this week! Discover some of the leading trends and businesses that are digitally transforming the industry

MWC Barcelona 2024 has arrived!

This is the event that sees thousands of world-leading global technology and telecom providers coming together to unveil the latest in connectivity innovation.

Some of the big themes for this year’s event include the network of the future, the Internet of Things (IoT), B2B growth opportunities and generative AI (Gen AI)

“We’ve seen a massive acceleration already in both the conversations and the uptake of AI and generative AI,” says McKinsey’s Ruben Schaubroeck. “There will be lots of discussions around how to effectively scale and how to make the right technology choices.”

Here are just some of the many trends that MWC will focus on this year. You can expect to find further details on these stories appearing on this website and our sister websites in the coming days.

What to expect at MWC Barcelona 2024

One of the main topics of conversation over the course of the event is on 5G and how it can continue to boost connectivity, particularly as the industry seeks to move towards 6G.

5G technology has been the fastest growing mobile broadband technology, currently on a trajectory to account for half of all mobile connections by 2030. However, monetising investments into 5G remains a work in progress, according to event organisers GSMA.

Leading figures at the event will be discussing the bridge towards 6G, wireless access and pushing into new markets to facilitate growth.

Notably, AT&T will be partnering with Ericsson to deploy Ericsson Cloud RAN technology on AT&T’s commercial 5G network - with the goal of further virutalising its network. Likewise, Fujitsu is set to unveil new AI-powered applications to combat 5G network complexity, in addition to Gigabyte’s new AI and 5G visions.

The power of AI

Other leading organisations such as Dell Technologies, AMD, Amdocs and RedHat are present at the event to talk about how AI will continue to power the future.

MWC sees 2023 as the year in which gen AI entered the mainstream, given that it was a year where telcos began to further understand its full potential. Now, 2024 should be a year where trials turn into real world gen AI commercialisation, as developers work to solve the largest concerns impacting the industry currently: RoI and tech maturity.

As the evolution of 5G drives cloud-native architectures, what is clear is that businesses will require both cloud and edge assets in order to meet user demand.

With this in mind, organisations at the event are keen to capture conversations surrounding cloud versus edge technology and how the two can actually be integrated to best benefit business development. Schneider Electric and NTT are among some of the companies that will today be discussing how to best deploy AI at the edge.


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