Roxer Supports Refurbished Devices with Waterproof Testing

Roxer’s innovative Smartrox water resistance testing solution supports durability of new and refurbished smartphones, tablets and smartwatches

Mobile phones are an integral part of many people’s working and personal lives. Home to information, communications and internet access at the touch of a button, the device that lives in pockets around the world is an indispensable tool. 

Despite this, mobile phones can be quite fragile, especially when it comes to water damage, with studies suggesting that over a quarter of users have experienced water damage and water damage in the top three causes of phone damage. This is where device water resistance specialist Roxer SA comes in.

Founded in 1956, the Swiss company offers a wide range of watch water resistance testing devices, using either air or water, and exports approximately 15% of its products to Europe, Asia and the Americas. Roxer SA was founded to install vacuum and compressed air systems for watchmaking companies, which prompted the company to develop water resistance testing for watches and start on the path it is on today.  

Why is waterproof testing important?

Smartphone waterproofing prevents the user from concern around water, as the device can be exposed to water and maintain full functionality. 

The flagship product for the brand is Smartrox, the non-destructive testing method that uses air testing to detect the waterproofness of smartphones and mini-tablets. Exerting a maximum pressure of 1bar, Smartrox can confirm the level of water that the device can withstand.

“With the Smartrox, we responded to a real market demand,” explains Christophe Giorgis, CEO Roxer SA. 

“Indeed, many companies wanted to prove the waterproofness of their smartphone, whether for new or refurbished devices. With our device, they can not only obtain reliable data but also analyse new prototypes. We are now asked to adapt this device for larger tablets but also for laptops. Consumers want reliable connected devices that can withstand a specific environment. At Roxer, we never run out of ideas and are specialists in waterproofing.”

Swiss industry leader Christophe Giorgis joined Roxer SA 10 years ago, after holding various positions in the Swiss watch industry and industrial automation.

The future of electronics

The Smartrox is working to revolutionise the modern electronics industry. By providing reliable water proof testing, design and construction can be defined before production to cater to waterproofing standards. 

Whilst not only supporting the device producers and manufacturers, this also boosts sustainability and lifespan of these products. Sustainability is a driving factor for consumers, with reports seeing spikes in interest in refurbished devices

Opting for a refurbished smartphone can slash approximately 50 Kg CO2e over two years compared to purchasing a new one, as well as accounting for 87% less contribution to climate change and eliminating the necessity to extract 164 kg of raw materials for manufacturing a new device. Roxer’s technology supports the reselling of refurbished devices, as retailers and consumers can be confident in their wares. 

Smartrox can test more than just mobile devices, offering testing to tablets and smartwatches too, which see the same benefits as mobile phones.


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