Extreme Networks: Revolutionising Outdoor Connectivity

Mobile Magazine is in Texas for Extreme Connect 2024 to learn how Extreme Networks is optimise outdoor internet connection with its Wi-Fi 6E certification

Education, sports and community sectors are all set to benefit from Extreme Networks’ outdoor connectivity deployments. 

The company has announced that it is the first vendor with outdoor Wi-Fi 6E to receive a standard power grant. This enables its customers, which include the San Francisco Giants baseball team, to leverage faster internet speeds and have increased coverage and expanded capacity for outdoor connectivity.

Wi-Fi 6E is an extension of Wi-Fi 6, but is able to offer faster speed, lower latency and greater network security for users.

Extreme Networks is working in partnership with Wi-Fi Alliance Services to provide uninterrupted 6 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity and improved performance of devices across outdoor environments, thereby supporting businesses and communities alike.

Improving connectivity across the United States

Extreme Connect in Fort Worth, Texas is the company’s annual user conference, where they showcase the company’s latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), cloud security, networking and mobile connectivity.

Its universal AP5050 Universal Wi-Fi 6E enables standard power operation in the 6 GHz band for outdoor environments in the United States (US). It is uniquely engineered and optimised to meet the challenges across outdoor environments like stadiums, concert venues and university campuses. 

The company can now deliver secure cloud-based Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) across the country, whilst ensuring user protection and maximising transmission power. This is made possible via its collaboration with Wi-Fi Alliance Services.

"With Wi-Fi Automated Frequency Coordination, we’re enabling industry leaders like Extreme to rapidly and cost-effectively activate outdoor standard power 6 GHz Wi-Fi for customers,” comments Kevin Robinson, CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance Services. “This marks a significant time in the history of wireless as it will create new experiences and open opportunities for applications, services and immersive experiences that require robust, high performance connectivity; it will deliver these benefits even in densely populated stadiums and arenas.”

Revolutionising key industries for both work and leisure

The San Francisco Giants are already reaping the benefits of an improved network in their stadiums. Having first deployed Extreme Wi-Fi 6E-ready networks in 2023, they seek to improve fan engagement, seamless streaming capacity and better support with mobile food ordering.

Deploying Wi-Fi 6E at the Oracle Park and BYU stadiums highlights a commitment to not only technological innovation, but improving gameplay experience. 

“Whether it’s accessing real-time instant replays, streaming or capturing and sharing memorable moments on social media – we expect our Wi-Fi experience to be like a high-octane engine for our fans,” says Casey Stauffer, Associate Athletic Director at BYU. “By partnering with Extreme, we’re not just building networks, we’re shaping the future.”

Wireless connectivity is crucial in continued global digital transformation. Through these partnerships, Extreme Networks is highlighting that its customers can improve its commitment to customer experience and essential operations.

“Using 6 GHz for outdoor Wi-Fi isn't just about expanding coverage - it's about unleashing connectivity and transforming outdoor spaces into hubs of innovation and next-gen experiences,” says Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Extreme. 

“Extreme continues to lead the market around 6 GHz and best-in-class connectivity. We were the first vendor to ship enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6E (AP4000) and the industry’s first outdoor Wi-Fi 6E access point (AP5050) and now we’re the first to light up customers looking to leverage 6 GHz Wi-Fi across outdoor spaces.”

He adds: “Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that our customers can confidently embrace the future of wireless connectivity.”


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