Intracom Telecom launches new MU-MIMO hub radios

Intracom Telecom is expanding its mmWave FWA portfolio with new MU-MIMO hub radios designed for multi-gigabit capacity

Global telecommunications company Intracom Telecom has announced new products to its mmWave FWA portfolio, adding commercially available WiBAS G5 products which can be used by communication service providers worldwide to deploy FWA services. the WiBAS G5 dual-BS and the WiBAS G5 smart-BS hub radios for Ultra-Broadband service. 

The new mmWave systems will be demonstrated at the MWC Barcelona, from 28 February to 3 March 2022. Jimmy Yu, VP of the Microwave Transmission and Mobile Backhaul Transport market research in Dell'Oro Group, said: "The growing demand for microwave transmission equipment is expected to be largely driven by applications such as FWA because fiber deployment is not economical everywhere. 

“One of the reasons that it is not economical is the long distance between homes and buildings, especially in rural areas, creating a need for mmWave solutions that can both deliver the high capacity as well as meet the longer distance requirements of rural and suburban locations."

Dimitris Pantelopoulos, Intracom Telecom R&D Director, said: "This is a milestone for Intracom Telecom's wireless solutions portfolio reaffirming the company's goal to lead in the FWA domain by providing first the most advanced mmWave FWA technology available in the market today. The commercial availability of the radio comes at a perfect timing where business and residential subscribers seek connectivity today, demanding 5G speeds everywhere even at places where fiber technologies cannot be deployed."

WiBAS systems “fully compatible” with operating networks 


The WiBAS G5 dual-BS and WIBAS G5 smart-BS are fully compatible with operating networks and their software-defined architecture enables future-proof deployments and feature enhancements through software licensing. Service Providers can instantly increase the total network capacity of an existing WiBAS deployment by operating the new hubs alongside the WiBAS OSDR and WiBAS G5 evo-BS hubs. The WIBAS G5 smart-BS operates at 5G mmWave frequencies alongside 5G NR networks. 

The WiBAS G5 dual-BS and WIBAS G5 smart-BS, just like any product of the company's FWA ecosystem, are SDR (Software Defined Radios) having the capability to be upgraded with software for new functionalities in the future.



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