TCS: 3 Scandinavia and the power of purpose

TCS has partnered with 3 Scandinavia for 17 years: now it's helping them build their digital core on the cloud

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is among the largest IT services, consulting and business solutions organisations that has been partnering with many of the world’s largest businesses in their transformation journeys for over 50 years. The company is a long-term technology partner of 3 Scandinavia, the leading mobile telecoms network provider in that region.

Saravanakumar Kadirvelu, known to his customers, colleagues and friends as SK, is based in Stockholm where he serves as Client Partner, dedicated to supporting 3 Scandinavia in its network building, innovation and digital transformation activities. “As a business, we help build greater futures through the power of innovation and collective knowledge. Our partnership started 17 years ago in 2004 when we helped them to personalise and automate their day-to-day CRM operations, to build integration framework and to simplify customer journeys. It's been a long, fruitful and purposeful journey together for both of us.”

SK is happy to expand on the impressive spread of the services that TCS is providing for 3 Scandinavia: “We have delivered transformation programmes, platform upgrades and critical milestone projects which involve innovative solutions and thought leadership. We perform application development and maintenance services, end-to-end testing and IT operations support services. Currently we are helping them build their digital core on Cloud, as a first step towards elastically expanding their boundaries. It also secures resilience, adaptability and operational efficiencies, all of which are really important to their consumers and make life easier for their employees.”

He believes that long-term commitment is what makes any partnership successful. Making all of the accumulated experience and knowledge of TCS, (and in the global Communications Service Provider (CSP) space that experience is deep and extensive), is essential in the journey of digital transformation. “With TCS, you experience certainty. We take a long-term view, building relationships that endure and lead to mutual growth and sustainable outcomes. We are a knowledgeable network of the smartest minds and practitioners who apply concepts to context for real outcomes! We master the journey, and provide the agility and continuity you need to navigate perpetual change together with ideas magnified and value multiplied, at global scale.”

The decision to choose TCS, stay with it, and now trust it to facilitate the demanding process of migrating 3 Scandinavia's core IT platform and network to the cloud shows great confidence. The selection of a partner was a rigorous process, so what does SK think differentiated TCS from its many competitors ''Along with many of our competitors we are a transformation partner. But what we believe, and how we go about transformation, is completely different. We are a purpose-led transformation partner. This enables us to start our conversation with our customer from a new perspective. TCS philosophy is rooted in delivering a meaningful contribution and building greater futures. We are purposeful and always have been. We understand the power of purpose and how it transforms businesses for the better. Customers like 3 Scandinavia who organise themselves around their purpose seek out like-minded businesses to partner with. They chose TCS as a partner because we have a similar value set and philosophical approach to doing business.” 

As the partnership develops, TCS will be contributing to helping 3 Scandinavia to build its digital core, improve security, innovate its business model , and transform and grow around purpose-led ecosystems. And it can surely be no coincidence that earlier this year sister company 3 UK selected TCS as its partner to manage the configuration of a new core next-generation mobile network that integrates correctly with its 5G radio access network. 


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