How companies use mobile technology to reflect their future?

By James Hood
A study conducted by Google and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that mobile drives about 40% of B2B enterprise revenue...

It is clear that to successfully take business as a consideration, one mus consider how to effectively deploy mobile devices and how potential customers will use it. Mobile devices not only provide decision-making methods, but also show how far the company has gone in investing in modern technology, and mobile technology is a symbol of it.

 How can companies use mobile devices to demonstrate that they are committed to the future of technology while also providing the necessary services with B2B and B2C capabilities?

How mobile technology can benefit analog services

Many traditional analog companies, such as the real estate industry, have combined digital and mobile means in their sales channels. For example, most attributes have been optimized for viewing on mobile devices and used with integrated mobile features such as maps and email software. 

Mobile messaging and text alerts for certain attributes can help simplify the communication process often encountered between real estate agents and clients. Using a mobile device helps simplify everything, and you can even see a virtual tour of the property, which helps reduce many tedious steps throughout the process.

In addition, the hotel industry is rapidly integrating mobile use into its products. For example, the MOD Pizza app has replaced its membership card, as have Nando’s and Subway. Wetherspoon allows people to order food and drinks on the app’s premises, and McDonald’s uses the app to serve the table it introduced.

Turning the analog experience into numbers can help people make up their minds and choose where to go when faced with many choices—easy application orders may win.

The importance of mobile to customers

For customers and those who wish to conduct business, mobile devices are becoming more and more important. From the initial stage of website exploration, mobile optimization is very important because about half of the searches are done on mobile devices. "Marketing Weekly" revealed that mobile is the first choice for searching and conducting business. Some of these functions are not only to search for companies on mobile search engines, but also to quickly cross-reference the company's business through social media.

The importance of mobile access is an important factor in various departments (including the growing iGaming department). For example, this casino bonus list provides many requirements and specifies that bonuses can be used for mobile games, which is becoming an increasing consideration for people engaged in online casino games. As mobile becomes such an important factor, the traditional desktop industry will soon point out how they are optimized for mobile. In addition, other games such as Fortnite and Minecraft are also fully optimized for mobile games. The former achieved 100 million iOS downloads in five months.

For the B2B and B2C industries, responding to the mobile environment is very important. If the B2B industry is optimized for mobile devices, they can better show themselves, and the B2C business that exists in the analog industry can stand out from its competitors through smart use of mobile technology.


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