Exclusive Interview: AppyWay CEO on Transport Revolution

Discover how AppyWay's platform is revolutionising transportation and shaping our cities in an exclusive interview with Dan Hubert CEO and Founder

AppyWay is a pioneering smart mobility provider that harnesses advanced technology to revolutionise transportation solutions. Over the past decade, CEO and Founder Dan Hubert and his team have curated a platform that digitises streets, enabling convenient navigation and decarbonisation efforts for cities.

AppyWay operates on a one platform, two-sides, three questions answered basis: Where can I park? Is there availability? Can I charge/pay? By bringing the undervalued kerbside into the digital age, their technology empowers drivers to make informed travel decisions while helping cities activate decarbonisation initiatives.

With expertise in rapid data capture, AppyWay has mapped 550 towns and cities, including expansion into Europe with Dublin. Their detailed digital twins of cities exhibit impressive accuracy, ranging from three to 20cm. Leveraging advanced processes, they can scan up to 17 miles per day, map large cities, and have them processed and live in an API within a few months.

AppyWay's proprietary platform has seen significant advancements, enabling cities to optimise their curb-side management. By accommodating partners and streamlining end-to-end processes, such as transforming paid bays into EV bays, they accelerate the transition by up to 75%. This aids local authorities in the rollout of sustainable curb-side options.

As a key player in the future of smart mobility, we spoke with Hubert to learn more about how technology propels innovative, sustainable transportation solutions.

“Ultimately, there are billions of vehicles in the world and vehicles are a parking disaster waiting to happen. The problem's not going away by any stretch of the imagination, so the world is our oyster,” he said in interview.

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