Sateliot, KSAT & AWS Collaborate to Provide 5G From Space

Integrating Sateliot's service into KSATlite solution brings unprecedented infrastructure optimisation & data delivery, says Marco Guadalupi, Sateliot CTO

Satellite communication company Sateliot is the first LEO satellite constellation based on the 5G standard, allowing unmodified commercial cellular NB-IoT NTN devices to connect from space. Working to provide IoT connectivity, everywhere and for everyone, Sateliot is making history by merging terrestrial cellular telecommunications seamlessly with satellite connectivity. Sateliot's cost-effective technology and the ability to use low-cost commercial devices — under US$5 — to connect to satellites opens up endless possibilities in the untapped market of massive IoT in remote areas. 

The company’s most recent accomplishment is in collaboration with Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT), the leading provider of Ground Network Services and Earth Observation Services and Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Establishing its first-ever 5G service connection has been made possible for Sateliot through using KSAT's Ground Station as a Service (GSaaS) network and integrating Sateliot's NB-IoT NTN Core Network deployed using AWS with the KSATlite multi-mission solution, which now functions as a 5G point-of-presence (PoP). 

The successful “HELLO WORLD” marks an exciting step for Sateliot, and a world of opportunities for the wider telco industry. 

"The successful integration of Sateliot's service into KSATlite solution brings unprecedented infrastructure optimization with fast and reliable data delivery,” says Marco Guadalupi, CTO and Co-Foudner at Sateliot. 

“With KSAT, we reduce global service latency thanks to the strategic locations of their ground stations near the poles, thus allowing us to maximise daily ground contact passes." 

Founded in 2018, Sateliot has already built up a sales pipeline of more than €1 billion and in 2023 closed hundreds of agreements to bring standard 5G satellite connectivity to IoT solution providers. This milestone for Sateliot bolsters the progress for these agreements, and makes strides towards revolutionising and digitising agriculture, livestock management, and maritime logistics, among others. 

Connectivity on Earth from Space

As the leading provider of Ground Network Services and Earth Observation Services, KSAT  connects Space and Earth from Leo and beyond, owning and operating a global, integrated Ground Station Network combining the unique polar location with a vast and rapidly expanding mid-latitude stations.

“This is an exciting expansion of LEO satellite applications, providing a fully compliant 3GPP NB-IoT NTN service,” adds John Heskett, CTO at KSAT.

“KSAT is proud to have successfully integrated into Sateliot’s architecture, effectively serving as their feeder link gateways and their 5G-POPs. We look forward to Sateliot’s continued success and seeing this sector of the LEO satellite market grow!” 

KSAT places a strong focus on engineering technologically advanced ground station solutions, with more than 300 antennas located at 28 sites worldwide. The reliable space to ground communications backs KSAT’s full mission life-cycle support from testing, through launch, critical operations, and routine operations.


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