Giesecke+Devrient campaign for sustainable 5G potential

G+D is hellbent on finding new ways to ensure digital innovation - whilst ensuring that these developments are as sustainable as they can be
Giesecke+Devrient explore how 5G technologies can promote sustainability, including energy efficiencies, as well as offering secure and wider connectivity

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is a global security technology group headquartered in Munich, Germany. It works to secure the essential values of the world by developing technology with passion in four major playing fields: payment, connectivity, identities and digital infrastructures. 

Founded in 1852, the company has since achieved annual revenues of US$2.53bn (as of 2022) and is represented by 103 subsidiaries and joint ventures in 33 countries. In relation to 5G, G+D believes that the digital transformation that 5G offers should not be at the expense of security. The company works to provide solutions that offer trusted connectivity and end-to-end security in 5G networks. 

Serving the connectivity ecosystem with 5G SIM cards

With the accelerated growth of 5G across multiple business sectors, plus the adoption of IoT-based initiatives, the company states that it is well prepared to service the immediate ecosystem for connectivity with 5G SIM cards for connecting 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone networks.

Company 5G solutions:
  • Transitional SIM: Provides the minimum capabilities to authenticate to the network but does not leverage the benefit of 5G Core Network investment.
  • Recommended 5G SIM: Leverages the full power of 5G for enhanced mobile broadband, Massive IoT and critical communications.
  • Low Power SIM: Optimised for Low Power IoT use cases for which NB-IoT and LTE-M can be used.

Its SIM products are “5G-ready,” according to the company and are positioned for the next generation of technology. With SIM cards the most widely used and efficient type of hardware-based security, G+D aims to help its customers by making them safe, reliable and secure.

In June 2023, G+D partnered with Sateliot to announce the first iSIM with cellular and satellite connectivity to enable the company to offer users of its IoT services true global coverage. The satellite was based on the 5G standard and allowed unmodified commercial cellular NB-IoT NTN devices to connect from space. Given that there are areas where there is limited or no mobile network coverage, this partnership was designed to close the gap. 

With one-in-five 5G smartphone users seeking differentiated 5G service experiences, G+D is hellbent on finding new ways to ensure digital innovation - whilst ensuring that these developments are as sustainable as they can be.

"5G technology will decisively drive digitalisation and at the same time ensure important progress in the area of sustainability," explains Philipp Schulte, CEO at G+D Mobile Security.

“With more connectivity and access to digital services and products, completely new opportunities will open up in the future to significantly optimise energy and resource consumption across all industries."

How 5G can promote sustainability

According to G+D, 5G networks can offer great potential for greater climate protection. It highlights how mobile communications 5G can transmit data faster and more efficiently than conventional technologies and therefore has great potential to be more sustainable. The reduction of emissions and promotion of resource-saving technologies are instrumental in ensuring a more sustainable industry.

G+D has identified how 5G can work to save emissions and promote sustainability in everyday life. First, is high energy efficiency as, compared with 4G, experts expect 5G to increase efficiency by a factor of one hundred. This will ultimately enable mobile network operators to save large amounts of energy and reduce emissions - leading to improved energy efficiency, which G+D cite as an important “prerequisite for technical implementation” of the increase in data transmissions.

Additionally, the company highlights control and automation as an important area for sustainability. By using sensors on the 5G network, businesses are able to monitor the status of assets such as factory machinery, elevators, wind turbines or trucks in real time. By accurately scheduling maintenance and avoiding downtime, G+D states that companies can reduce energy requirements and lower their operating costs.

The sensors also play a central role in automated plant control by feeding large amounts of data into analytics platforms. The collected information, in combination with AI and digital twins, maximises plant performance, which then operate more efficiently and consume less energy.

G+D also highlights the importance of effective production chains. Fast data transmission and low latency are key requirements for the digitalisation of industrial production, with 5G helping to ensure maximum efficiencies for networked plants or automated transport systems. As a result, technology reduces energy requirements and saves CO2 emissions.

Not only is agricultural production critical to creating a more sustainable future, it also lends itself to the use of 5G technologies to reduce emissions and increase yields. Smart agriculture uses 5G IoT sensors to collect data to improve decision-making within a business, as well as to analyse farmland, automated machinery and monitor the health of animals.

Finally, G+D states that 5G will ultimately develop smart cities, where interconnected devices collect and share real-time data. The data can be used to optimise energy usage, traffic flow and waste management, for example, helping cities to reduce their carbon footprint and improve quality of life for residents.


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