Dell Technologies: Supporting 5G Workloads at the Edge

Dell Technologies is announcing new solutions to help communications and service providers (CSPs), so that their systems are faster and more flexible

The company will enact such transformations by facilitating network cloud and operations transformation to accelerate network improved connectivity and agility, whilst maintaining system reliability.

Dell Technologies already boasts decades of experience in digital transformation and deep industry partnerships to design telecom solutions that reduce risk. This is actioned to enable CSPs to ease the deployment, automation and support to simplify lifecycle management of network cloud infrastructures.

In addition, the company’s new Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite will offer software designed to automate the orchestration and lifecycle management of multi-vendor network cloud infrastructure at scale.

Enhancing global connectivity

Businesses are set to make the most of cloud computing to enable the technology sector to grow. Allowing increased flexibility and scalability, the cloud is expected to help the sector grow to US$1.5tn by 2030.

According to Dell, CSPs need a simple way to deploy and manage infrastructure from multiple vendors across a wide range of locations without compromising network reliability or increasing costs.

As these businesses work to build open cloud-native networks, the Dell Telecom Infrastructure Block portfolio seeks to support network cloud deployment. 

The company is also seeking to offer support for 5G core workloads that run at the edge. Building on existing 5G core and RAN workloads support, the goal is to enable CSPs to deploy a consistent cloud platform from the core to the far edge of the network.

Integrating this with the Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite aims to provide an infrastructure management framework that can consistently support multi-vendor environments.

Dell has previously collaborated with T-Mobile at the Tech Experience 5G Hub to trial real-world applications at the edge, as seen in the below video.

Transforming cloud infrastructure platforms

Dell has been consistently working towards enacting their digital transformation strategies and, as the company moved into 2024, was keen to consider the impact of AI and cloud-native infrastructure on key industries moving forward.

During a critical time for the telco industry that is seeing new technologies, plenty of businesses are turning to new technologies to advance their customer offerings. The Dell Telecom Infrastructure Automation Suite aims to accelerate network cloud transformation by integrating seamlessly into networks and offering CSPs the flexibility to deploy and manage their choice of infrastructure across multi-vendor platforms.

The suite also aims to simplify server configurations and software deployment, in addition to utilising automation to support integration within telecom business support systems and operations support systems.

Using these in conjunction with Dell services will work to help AI operators make more informed decisions within their networks, as well as gaining access to more specialised insights.

“The first step in network cloud transformation is installing the cloud infrastructure platform, both architecturally and operationally,” said Dennis Hoffman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Telecom Systems Business at Dell Technologies. “We’re contributing not only our technology, but our years of cloud transformation experience to ecosystem partnerships with communication service providers around the world.”

Plenty more Dell announcements at MWC Barcelona 2024

Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies Michael Dell will be speaking at MWC Barcelona 2024 at 17.55 (CEST) at MWC Main Stage, Hall 4. During his speech, he will share Dell’s vision for the future within the telecommunications industry.

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