Smartrox: Revolutionising Mobile Device Testing

Roxer SA's Smartrox solution is setting new benchmarks in waterproof testing for smartphones and tablets, ensuring unparalleled durability and performance

Founded in 1956, Roxer SA is a major player in the watch industry, known for its air and water tightness testing devices, that cater to the stringent demands of renowned watchmaking companies.

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the company today offers a wide range of watch water resistance testing devices. In addition to its extensive experience in the watch industry, Roxer has for several years been extending its technological acumen into the realm of modern electronics. One of these offerings, the Smartrox, is specifically designed to evaluate the waterproofness of smartphones and mini-tablets.

In an era where mobile devices are not just communication devices but are integral to daily life, their durability is paramount. Engineered and made in Switzerland, the Smartrox addresses this need for durability by employing pressure at 1 bar to simulate underwater conditions of up to 10 metres deep, offering a safe and effective method to test the watertightness of these devices. As smartphones and tablets become increasingly sophisticated and expensive, necessitating reliable and non-destructive testing methods becomes particularly important.

To test these devices, the Smartrox assesses the deformations of the device under pressure, replicating stress experienced underwater. This feature is invaluable for manufacturers, allowing them to refine their designs to enhance water resistance, an essential quality in a market where consumers expect high durability standards. This has been used by a number of mobile phone manufacturers to determine the waterproofness of their devices.

“The Smartrox is a device which has the advantage of testing the water resistance of a Smartphone without this test being destructive,” explains Christophe Giorgis, CEO of Roxer SA. “All you need to do is carry out a few tests using the Smartrox, possibly validate certain deformation curves with a test in water, and then you will know exactly the specifications of your devices so that they cater waterproofing standards.”

Furthermore, the Smartrox’s user interface and functionality have been designed with versatility and efficiency in mind. Its graphical menu lets users customise programmes, and it is also possible to remotely supervise and save test data via an application. The Smartrox also produces a graph at the end of each cycle, helping users easily deduce a device’s efficacy.

The Smartrox also offers intuitive menus in five languages, programmable pressure and cycle time parameters, can memorise up to 10 different test programmes and has an application for supervising and saving test data via Ethernet.

“With the Smartrox, we responded to a real market demand,” comments Giorgis. “Indeed, many companies wanted to prove the waterproofness of their smartphone, whether for new or refurbished devices. With our device, they can not only obtain reliable data but also analyse new prototypes. We are now asked to adapt this device for larger tablets but also for laptops. Consumers want reliable connected devices that can withstand a specific environment. At Roxer, we never run out of ideas and are specialists in waterproofing.”

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