ElligencIA and DevanceApp announce new partnership

This new partnership will enable ElligencIA to officially launch its first AI solution - an FX and cryptocurrency investor technology called ElliSense

ElligencIA, an artificial intelligence fintech company and sentiment analysis expert, and DevanceApp, a B2B financial messaging specialist, have announced their partnership. 

The details of the ElligencIA and DevanceApp partnership

ElligencIA has announced that it has signed a 2-year partnership with DevanceApp, which will enable the fintech developer to officially launch the first of its artificial intelligence solutions.

ElligencIA has developed a new technology, called ElliSense, which is designed for FX and cryptocurrency investors. 

The ElliSense data technology collects every mention or comment on social networks and financial analysis sites. Then, it processes and analyses the data, creating an index in real time that reveals whether the market is buying, selling or neutral.

“Through my many years of experience in investment banking and capital markets, I have had the opportunity to observe behaviours in financial markets. I realised that even these markets can be influenced and are sometimes self-predicting,” explained Laurent Salvinien, co-founder and COO of ElligencIA. 

“A study done in the 80s was a great revelation for me: the study by Richard Roll, a renowned American researcher who was one of the first economists to work on the integration of information in the price of financial assets. This study was what first sparked my passion for collective intelligence, which the researcher Mehdi Moussai also calls Fouloscopie.”

“It’s this Fouloscopie that led to creating ElliSense. When we created this technology, we thought about the day-to-day of financiers, especially CFOs. So, cementing a partnership with DevanceApp seemed obvious and proved to be a great win.” 

In this period of market unpredictability, DevanceApp believes that these AI capabilities will offer huge benefits to its clients. 

“In this period of great uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets, a CFO needs to be reactive more than ever. The tons of information they must consider before each transaction has become too complex,” commented Olivier Misse, CEO of DevanceApp. 

“So, we thought about how we could help them make the right decision before executing their hedging strategies. This partnership with ElligencIA is an answer to their issues, and we’re proud to be the first to offer this solution. This is a testament to our desire to always leverage new technologies and artificial intelligence for the benefit of our clients.”


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