SES to accelerate access to C-Band Spectrum for Verizon

Global content connectivity solutions leader SES has formed a partnership to expand Verizon’s C-Band access to support the deployment of U.S. 5G services

SES Satellites, a leader in global content connectivity solutions, has today announced an agreement with Verizon to expand the US mobile carrier’s access to a portion of the C-band (3700-3800 MHz) in important regions across the United States. 

The agreement would achieve this earlier than the relocation deadlines set out in the  U.S. Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) C-Band Report and Order, according to SES. It also aims to see SES expand Verizon’s access to the 3700-3800 MHz block in certain markets beyond the 46 Partial Economic Areas cleared in Phase I and earlier than the Phase II accelerated relocation deadline.

SES says it will install filters and other ancillary equipment at about 500 sites in 2022, comparable to the activities executed during Phase I, and will earn up to an additional US$170mn from Verizon, subject to delivering the clearing on a timeline agreed to by the parties.

Steve Collar, CEO at SES, said: “Providing 5G services to as many Americans as soon as possible supports the US economy and enables the delivery of valuable services to the population. We will leverage the experience we have gained over the past year and shorten the clearing timeline for Verizon’s spectrum.”

SES completes phase 1 of C-Band clearing, a crucial step in meeting the Commission's targets for the rollout of 5G services in the United States 

SES has already completed its Phase I accelerated C-band clearing ahead the first FCC deadline of 5 December 2021, a critical step in meeting the Commission’s objectives to rapidly roll out 5G services across the US, and as a result earned almost US$1bn in accelerated relocation payments. 

To meet the Phase II deadline of 5 December 2023, SES is working to relocate its existing services from the 3700-4000 MHz band and complete equipment changes for Incumbent Earth Stations across the entire contiguous United States, earning an additional US$3bn in accelerated relocation payments in the process.

Image: SES


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