Ericsson, Xplornet bring 5G broadband to rural Canada

By Joanna England
Swedish mobile technology giant has partnered with Xplornet to provide wireless services to rural areas...

Xplornet Communications Inc., Canada's largest rural-focused broadband service provider, has partnered with Ericsson for the upcoming deployment of 5G wireless broadband in rural Canada.

Ericsson's cutting-edge 5G technology hardware will supply Xplornet with an industry-leading Ericsson Radio System that will provide high connectivity wireless broadband services. 

Xplornet users will also experience Ericsson's full-stack integrated solution as well as the development of new services while reducing the overall total cost of ownership.

The New Brunswick-based telecom is one of Canada's leading broadband service providers. Xplornet specialises in fixed and mobile broadband solutions to rural customers across Canada and has built a unique hybrid wireless network.  

Ericsson meanwhile has become a leading global supplier of 5G hardware following international sanctions against the Chinese technology multinational, Huawei. The company currently has 118 5G contracts worldwide with communication service providers. 

Allison Lenehan, President and CEO of Xplornet said the partnership with Ericsson would create breakthrough connectivity across rural areas in Canada. He explained, "Our agreement with Ericsson will provide Xplornet's robust national network with 5G equipment to revolutionise the rural broadband experience across our country."

"Xplornet is making significant investments in its network capacity to keep pace with customers' needs today and in the future," continued Lenehan. "Today, we're moving forward to deliver for those future needs with the deployment of 5G technology. Our rural 5G wireless network will not only benefit customers, but will create jobs, spur innovation and invigorate rural communities across Canada. We're ready to get to work."  

Jeanette Irekvist, Head of Customer Unit Canada for Ericsson North America agreed, saying the partnership would be transformative for residents living in remote, rural locations. "Ericsson has a long history of serving our Canadian customers and investing in rural broadband, because we too believe everyone should have equal access to the transformative benefits of the Internet."

She added, "Through this new relationship, Xplornet will be able to deliver 5G capabilities to their customers as they transition from 4G to 5G. We're excited to work with Xplornet to bring them the most robust national network possible as they make this transition."


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