MWC Shanghai 2024: HONOR’s AI Innovations for User Safety

George Zhao, CEO of HONOR is excited to present HONOR's new AI technology, which will support mobile users
Mobile technology has some unpleasant drawbacks, from eye strain to deepfakes. HONOR has unveiled AI innovations for greater user safety at MWC Shanghai

At MWC Shanghai 2024, global technology brand HONOR has shared its two industry-leading on-device AI innovations, which will offer a new level of user safety. 

HONOR is a global provider of smart devices, dedicated to becoming a global iconic technology brand and creating an intelligent world, for everyone. HONOR believes in the potential for AI-enabled hardware ‘to empower users by delivering tailored services while protecting user privacy’. 

HONOR’s AI-enabled hardware empowers users and protects their privacy

MWC Shanghai has welcomed back leaders from across the mobile and telco space, to the Shanghai New International Expo Center, for the biggest and most influential gathering of the connectivity ecosystem in Asia. 

The GSMA is the force behind MWC Shanghai, which first ran in 2012. The GSMA is a global organisation with a vision to unify the mobile ecosystem and develop positive business environments and societal change. The GSMA represents mobile operators and organisations across the mobile ecosystem and adjacent industries. Besides offering a wealth of information on the latest in mobile technology, the event also encourages collaboration across the sectors, including automotive, healthcare and finance, of which the impact of mobile technology has been huge. This year, MWC Shanghai will take place under the umbrella of the Future First event theme.

In its keynote, ‘The Human-AI Synergy: Intelligent Devices Will Empower People Better,’ HONOR shared its newest work in human-centric AI, AI Defocus Eye Protection1 and AI Deepfake Detection. 

AI Defocus Eye Protection

Long-term screen usage has some unhealthy side effects, especially for eyes. Due to the global increase in cases of nearsightedness caused by screens, HONOR’s AI Defocus Eye Protection uses AI to simulate defocus glasses on the smart device’s display.

Wearing defocus glasses is a healthier options for eyes, as they ‘intentionally induce controlled defocus in the user’s peripheral visual field to help maintain clear central vision’. 

HONOR’s AI Defocus Eye Protection can decrease users’ transient myopia by 13 degrees, on average after reading for 25 minutes.

HONOR's mobile technology uses AI to improve user safety

AI Deepfake Detection

HONOR’s AI Deepfake Detection can help to prevent fraud and detect digitally manipulated content. AI Deepfake Detection studies data frame-by-frame, including eye contact, lighting and video playback, to spot flaws that users might not notice.

“AI is revolutionising our lives and driving the smartphone industry forward, but much of the industry has focused on cloud-based AI, which is just a part of the puzzle,” said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR. “On-device AI, which is run on smartphones that understand us better than any other devices, is uniquely positioned to deliver services that are tailored to us and our preferences. At HONOR, we believe on-device AI has the potential to empower users and become more capable in everything they do. We invite all industry players to join us as we explore the untapped potential of on-device AI.”

Brining AI to networks

The event began with an announcement from Huawei at the 5G-A & AI Roundtable, where Eric Zhao, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Wireless Solution, revealed a plan to bring AI to networks. The plan is to create an ecosystem of RAN Intelligent Agent in partnership with operators, to advance network productivity.

"Our goal is to bring AI to networks,” he said. “To achieve this, we will, for our part, shift from a solution provider to a co-builder of intelligent networks. We believe that the co-growth of RAN Intelligent Agent and networks will create more extensive business value, transform networks more rapidly, and lead our industry into a new era of intelligence."

Phase one of this plan will cover 1,000 site engineers and 10,000 sites across Asia.

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