NTT Unleashes 5G, AI and IoT to Supercharge Indianapolis 500

NTT is the Official Technology Partner powering groundbreaking innovations for INDYCAR and the Indy 500
NTT is harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AI and data analytics to revolutionise how the Indianapolis 500 race is competed and experienced by fans

The Indianapolis 500 is the pinnacle of motorsports, with a rich 100+ year legacy of thrilling fans with elite open-wheel racing pushed to the limits of speed and performance. As technologies like 5G, AI, IoT and immersive computing have emerged, they have revolutionised how this iconic event is raced, operated and consumed by audiences. Leading that digital transformation is NTT, the Official Technology Partner powering groundbreaking innovations for INDYCAR and the Indy 500.

NTT is tapping into its global leadership in next-gen mobile technologies to create an Indy 500 experience that goes far beyond just the on-track action. Key examples include:

IoT and AI for data-driven racing insights

With over 140 sensors on each race car capturing eight billion data points, NTT leverages IoT, edge computing and AI analytics to deliver real-time visualisations and predictive insights during races. Fans get unprecedented visibility into strategic moments like overtaking moves, race-winning strategies and more through the INDYCAR mobile app and broadcasts.

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5G-powered smart venues

Behind the scenes, a private 5G network from NTT combined with smart vision cameras, IoT sensors and digital ticketing enable optimised operations across the massive 600-acre Indianapolis Motor Speedway venue. This allows for enhanced traffic management, efficient crowd flow, expedited security screening and minimised wait times for the 300,000 fans in attendance - creating a seamless, digitally augmented experience.

Immersive embodied knowledge simulations

In one of NTT's most cutting-edge mobile innovations, they are piloting "Embodied Knowledge" experiences that leverage 5G, edge AI, XR and haptics to let fans physically feel what it's like to drive an Indy race car at overspeed. Fans synchronise their physical movements and inputs to professional race data, experiencing realistic steering resistance, g-forces and vibrations streamed via ultra-low latency 5G. It's an unparalleled immersive simulation only possible through advanced mobile technologies.

As the Indy 500 race towards its future powered by mobile innovations like 5G, AI, IoT and immersive computing, NTT will remain the driving force accelerating the fan experience around this iconic event to new heights.

“We work across complex industries, but few produce as much real-time data as an IndyCar race,” said Eric Clark, CEO of NTT DATA North America. “Our Indy 500 partnership allows us to pressure-test our mobile offerings in intense environments and then implement the learnings to transform operations and experiences for our enterprise clients.”


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