Qinshift: Supporting clients in transformation journeys

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Qinshift, the product of several years of hard work and strategic acquisitions, is a new “family” of six companies across the technology industry

Following a series of strategic acquisitions in the technology space, part of Aricoma Group has revealed its new name: Qinshift. 

This “family” of six companies has been assembled to create one of the largest custom software development firms in Europe.

“Qin, to us, means family,” says Ludovic Gaude, CEO of Qinshift. “Shift means to embrace digital transformation and change. Together, we are here to support clients in their transformation journeys.”

Seavus a key part of Qinshift’s expansion

An important member of the Qinshift family is Seavus, a tech firm whose main clients fall within the telecommunications sector.

The business employs 1,300 software engineers with know-how in quality assurance, custom software development, application maintenance and much more. 

One of those key clients is Sunrise, with whom Seavus has been working for almost 15 years. 

Kocha Boshku, CEO of Seavus, explains: “Sunrise had a tough nut to crack because there was supposed to be a full migration of the whole billing data warehouse. We were one of few companies able to do that due to our niche expertise in the segment, especially in billing systems.”

Seavus’ ‘amazing’ record

Seavus has delivered a host of benefits to Sunrise, including an unblemished record when it comes to SOA breaches and 30% cost reduction.

He adds: “Every day, there are other small things going on like data warehouse and CRM ticket resolution; we are three times faster in that domain over the last year.” 

Looking ahead, Boshku believes the future of telco is all about optimisation and says customer experience is where Seavus will continue to add the most value. 

“Due to the breadth of our offering and exposure to other industries, we can benefit multiple clients,” he concludes. “We are talking about AI optimisation, IoT, data monetisation – all things in which we have deep expertise.”


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