Wix Launches Conversational AI Chat for Mobile App Building

Wix’s mobile conversational AI chat experience can help businesses reach their goals
SaaS website creation platform Wix has opened a conversational AI chat for use on mobile, to revolutionise the way its users build their digital presence

Conversation AI chat is a form of technology which creates systems which are able to engage in human-like dialogue, by using natural language processing (NLP), machine learning to understand and generate human language. These systems are also known as chatbots or even conversational agents. Conversation AI chat examples that you may have spoken to include Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant - now Wix has joined them. 

Wix is an SaaS website creation platform, which allows users to build their own digital presence and manage it to grow their business. The company has announced the launch of AI creation capabilities for its mobile app builder. 

Using conversational AI chat, Wix users can build an application that is professional and unique to their brand, as this new technology enables both iOS and Android users to build and modify their business apps with AI technology and without using code. 

Wix’s conversational AI chat experience 

Wix’s mobile app builder assists users through a conversational AI chat experience, helping to understand the goal in creating a new native app. Using the data taken from the chat, AI generates a branded mobile app for the business. 

With the Mobile App Editor, users can then customise the app and make changes, such as adding widgets, new designs and themes. 

Wix users can see a preview of the app on their mobile device, prior to going live on the App Store and Google Play.

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Using AI on mobile to achieve business goals 

In 2017, Noah Island joined Wix as Product Manager, at its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has risen to become Head of Product where she manages the Wix team and expands its vision for creative freedom online. She sees this new AI technology as a big step in the personalised professional web presence step. 

"Users can now create a custom native mobile app using the AI chat experience by simply describing their goals and visions and AI does the work," said Noah. "We're thrilled to expand our suite of AI tools to mobile with the launch of AI to our native mobile app builder and I want to thank my amazing Wix Mobile Apps group for bringing this incredible tool to life."

Many businesses are engaging in partnerships to utilise the potential of AI in their business. 

Hitachi is solidifying its implementation of GenAI by bringing onside AI leader Google Cloud in a multi-year partnership to expand the conglomerate's use in its enterprise operations. Through the partnership, Hitachi will further accelerate growth of Lumada, its core digital business, and it will advance operational efficiencies for the Hitachi Group. Alongside using GenAI to upskill things like customer service, the crux of the partnership is the formation of a new Hitachi Google Cloud Business Unit. The unit will work to develop GenAI solutions for enterprises by utilising Google's technologies like the Gemini large language model, Vertex AI platform, and other cloud AI tools.

Meanwhile, Anthropic’s Claude AI chatbot is now available in iOS app format and is available for free download on the Apple app store. The new app has vision capabilities that allow users to use photos from their library, take new pictures, or upload files for real-time image analysis, contextual understanding and mobile use cases.


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