The importance of AI in improving CX

Etiya’s flagship offer Digital Business Platforms is a key enabler for the digital transformation process of CSPs
Leading software provider Etiya transforms and personalises customer experiences through its AI-driven portfolio

Etiya provides customer experience-focused digital transformation with its award-winning, artificial intelligence (AI) driven product portfolio.

The brand boasts the tagline ‘exceed, every day’ which is a testament to Etiya’s commitment to going above and beyond for its customers by prioritising digital customer experience and agility in operation, ensuring customers become digital-ready quickly, and allowing fast delivery of innovative products and solutions.

Etiya believes in technological development that prioritises the market and customer dynamics. Therefore, all the company’s products, services and solutions are designed and developed with the needs of the connected customers in mind.

As Etiya’s flagship offer, Digital Business Platforms are key enablers for the digital transformation process of Communication Service Providers (CSPs), offering an infrastructure for an all-digital customer experience.

Powered by Etiya’s own AI platform Cognitus, Digital BSS provides deep customer insights, more personalised experiences and increased process automation, thus driving customer satisfaction and increasing customer lifetime value. It is a cloud-native, agile, 5G-ready platform with a future-proof, microservices-based architecture that ensures the scalability necessary to adapt to ever-changing market demands and that allows fast time-to-market and experimentation with new business models. It opens up a whole line of new business opportunities for innovative partnerships that will allow CSPs to offer new, creative new bundles serving customer needs better.

Etiya enhances customer experience and ensures rapid delivery of products and solutions

With almost two decades in the business, Etiya has a workforce of 1,500 employees across seven countries. Their expertise allows the company to provide turn-key, end-to-end digital transformation to its customers worldwide, with a main focus on the telecom industry.

Using the most up-to-date technologies, Etiya’s products and solutions aim to deliver the best possible CX that even exceeds customer expectations. Innovative AI solutions, like machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques, insight-based predictions and recommendations, process optimisations and automation all aim to improve customer satisfaction and increase brand loyalty.

Delivering personalised customer engagement with AI

At the heart of Etiya's BSS Platform is  Cognitus, dedicated to delivering highly customised customer experiences. Supported by Cognitus, Etiya's BSS empowers customers to deliver personalised customer service through both traditional and digital channels. Moreover, Cognitus facilitates the creation of a digital twin for each customer, a repository of data that simulates their behaviour, enabling accurate predictions for future interactions. This data is harnessed to offer a smoother and more frictionless customer experience.

Informed by profound customer insights and in-depth analysis of customer behaviour, the BSS platform delivers personalised customer engagements and recommends the next best action for customers. The AI capabilities within the BSS platform can be utilised to enhance support for self-service channels. When combined with the functionalities of contemporary campaign management software and insights derived from the digital twins of customers, businesses can craft offers precisely tailored to meet their customers' individual needs.

Deren Özkepçe, Etiya's Marketing Director, said: "Etiya specialises in delivering AI-driven products and solutions that prioritise enhancing digital customer experiences, empowering companies to offer seamless journeys for their customers. Through its BSS platform, Etiya enables companies to deliver consistent, personalised experiences across various channels and efficiently manage all customer interactions throughout their entire lifecycle."

Deren Özkepçe, Marketing Director at Etiya

AI supported customer service operations

Etiya’s BSS Platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance performance and productivity by enabling effective automation that generates larger revenue increases, greater cost reduction and higher customer loyalty. It provides standardisation, simple and centralised management, monitoring and improvement, easy ROI detection and measurement, fewer implementation failures and scaling with its advanced capabilities along with advanced ML and NLP services and supports four different languages.

The platform provides a more human-focused customer service, suggesting predictive and prescriptive recommendations and creating tailored, unique solutions to mitigate customer issues. Excellent customer experiences when needed most, that is, in a problem resolution process will have lasting positive effects and will lead to higher levels of loyalty, retention and customer lifetime value as a result.

With its NLP and sentiment analysis features, Etiya’s platform enables companies to understand, solve and learn from customer queries. It helps companies to provide seamless customer services in all digital channels by integrating with enterprise applications. 

Last but not least, the social listening capabilities of the BSS Platform empower customer service teams to engage with customers through their preferred digital channels using effective social listening and proactive channel management.

In summary, AI support in various customer service tools provided by Etiya allow companies’ customer services to be more human-focused, offering tailored and fast resolution for customer issues, thus contributing to improved, long-term customer satisfaction.

"When it comes to AI capabilities, Etiya plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses in easing their customer service operations and achieving cost efficiencies," Özkepçe added. "It excels in improving First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates and optimising operational and organisational resources with its holistic approach. This, in turn, elevates the quality of digital channel services while simultaneously reducing the volume of calls directed to call centres.

"In a broader context, the impact of Etiya's products extends beyond cost reduction. They contribute significantly to delivering exceptional digital customer experiences leading to higher customer loyalty, facilitating direct access to critical customer feedback and insights and ultimately improving Net Promoter Scores (NPS)."

Artificial intelligence is still relatively new to the market but already proved to be a game-changer. It is yet to be seen how customers will benefit from further applications in the future. With its AI-driven BSS Platform, Etiya already takes customer experiences to the next level and actively seeks new ways of improving CX with AI further.

Disclosure: This article is an advertorial and monetary payment was received from Etiya. It has gone through editorial control and passed the assessment for being informative.

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