Exclusive video: Tech debt & consolidating IT infrastructure

Daren Vallyon, Head of Solutions at Hyve Managed Hosting, shares his insights into technical debt, its impact on innovation and embracing cloud

Rounding up our post-event coverage of Cloud & 5G LIVE, we reflect on Daren Vallyon’s keynote presentation from the event back in October. 

Guiding the virtual audience through the subjects of reducing tech debt and consolidating IT infrastructure, the Head of Solutions at Hyve Managed Hosting discussed the concept of technical debt, understanding what it is as how it can dampen innovation, Vallyon’s expertise shed light on how to fully embrace cloud.

Reducing tech debt and consolidating IT infrastructure with Daren Vallyon, Head of Solutions, Hyve Managed Hosting

During his keynote, Vallyon shared key tips as to how embracing cloud can drive business success, including considering cost, security, compliance, performance, scalability and portability. 

One stand-out part of Vallyon’s presentation included using the analogy of kicking a can down the road. Using an analogy and relating it to delaying a difficult task until later, he stressed how delaying making actionable change may make savings in the long term, but can lead to issues with quality down the road. 

“Imagine you have a can of worms,” he started. “You can either open the can and deal with it, or you can kick the can down the road and hope the worms will go away. If you kick the can down the road, worms will still be there and possibly bigger and more of them, and it will be difficult to deal with them in the future.”

He applied this analogy specifically to highlight the pitfalls of making hasty or short-sighted decisions in IT infrastructure and business strategies, with the can of worms representing the unresolved challenges or issues that, if not addressed promptly, could become more difficult to handle later on.

And looking to the future, Vallyon advised that businesses can future-proof themselves from an architectural point of view by ensuring the right people are in place from the beginning.

“Having the right people in the room, you get to make the right choices in advance,” he shared. “If you make choices solely on one or two non-functional requirements, other problems are going to come out. You’ve got to map out what’s important.”

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