Exclusive video: 5G transformation at Cloud & 5G LIVE

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Mavenir Systems’ Chetan Shivakumar shared the benefits, implementation challenges and societal impacts of 5G MEC at Cloud & 5G LIVE

Explaining the role of 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) in the overall transformation of 5G networks, Chetan Shivakumar, Senior Director of Engineering, 5G MEC, Private Networks and Edge computing at Mavenir Systems shared his wealth of technology experience with Cloud & 5G LIVE’s virtual audience last month.

5G Transformation Explored: A Fireside Chat on Empowering the Future with Next-Generation Connectivity with Chetan Shivakumar, Senior Director of Engineering, 5G MEC, Private Networks and Edge computing at Mavenir Systems

Exploring 5G MEC, private networks and edge computing, Shivakumar highlighted the benefits, implementation challenges and societal impacts of the technology and how it can best be harnessed. Shivakumar’s fireside chat shared valuable insights into ongoing 5G transformation, and his true passion for 5G communications, edge and cloud computing networks, IoT, data analytics and machine learning shone through.

Showcasing the transformative potential of 5G MEC, the significance of private networks, and the challenges that need to be addressed for successful 5G adoption, on the role of MEC, Shivakumar said: “The consumers and the enterprise age are looking for responses and expanding into that in real-time. That's what people really want today.”

He also went on to share insights into the benefits of private networks, sharing new use cases driving innovation, the importance of keeping the end user in mind when cultivating new technology, the importance of edge computing and how it plays a crucial role in the deployment and optimisation of 5G networks and the key challenges of 5HG transformation.

“Your private network provides a high-tech system, a reliable and better coverage system, and provides a high-speed and low-latency system,” he added, boasting private networks’ benefits.

Stressing that security emerges as one of the main and fundamental pillars in 5G deployment, Shivakumar stated that ensuring a secure infrastructure for running applications is vital. He added that challenges facing this transformative technology include higher upfront costs and evolving technology maturity which, although emphasise the transformative potential of 5G and benefits of private networks, brings home the need for addressing deployment challenges.

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