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Richard Simon, Chief Technology Officer at T-Systems, focused on some of the latest developments in cloud native, AI/ML and 5G during his keynote

Before joining André Vieira of Celfocus and TELUSSamer Geissah for Cloud & 5G LIVE’s Cloud Leaders Forum, Richard Simon, Chief Technology Officer at T-Systems graced the virtual stage for his keynote, Cloud State of Play.

During his session, Simon focused on some of the latest developments in cloud native, AI/ML and 5G and how, when combined, these can provide some of the most sophisticated, innovative and breakthrough technology platforms that will set the pace of business for the next decade in cloud computing, telco and beyond.

Cloud State of Play with Richard Simon, Chief Technology Officer at T-Systems

Focusing on key trends in cloud, AI & 5G — and convergence of these entities — Simon utilised his three decades of experience in the IT industry to guide the audience through what is happening with AI and what has caused its explosion — with the likes of ChatGPT happening now despite the technology has existed for a number of years.

As well as this, he showcased how 5G has enormous potential but there is still a long way in its — and its future successors’ — success. To harness 5G and beyond, Simon advocates for the combinatory approach to technology, acknowledging that they each support and enhance each other.

“There's a clear progress happening where customers are moving to public cloud,” he professed. “The public cloud is the main area where everybody's really heading towards.”

Simon stressed that a multicloud model is the way forward, but highlighted how cloud itself poses enormous challenges. “Strategy is here to stay,” he said, “but that comes at a cost.” 

He then went on to emphasise the challenges posed by the multi-cloud environment, such as mobile workforce, digital transformations, and cost management. Despite this, he added: “Multi-cloud is very much the way forward.

“We need to have a strategy around how you go to cloud, how you migrate applications to cloud, and how you migrate your data to the cloud.”

As well as this, Simon delved into the importance of developing a detailed cloud strategy, and examined the recent surge in interest in AI, questioning why it has become popular in the last 12 months.

“Why has chat AI happened in the last 12 months? Clearly, the tools have been around for a long time,” he asked the audience, before moving on to showcase other transformative technologies, particularly the emergence of LLMs like GPT.

Then moving on to explain the role of 5G, Simon delved into the transformation of the telco space thanks to 5G, with a focus on the digitisation of services and the entry of new players.

“5G is going through an enormous amount of change,” he emphasised. “Competitively, the landscape going towards 2030 is going to be completely different.” Recognising the potential of 5G, Simon does draw the audience's attention to the need for further regulation and standards.

In summary, Simon came back around to how the convergence point for major emerging technologies is the cloud, which enables the digitisation of traditional communication and networking hardware. With the unprecedented scale, scalability, resilience and agility provided by cloud-native, AI, and 5G technologies also a key message of his speech, Simon continued to encourage the responsible adoption of AI, considering factors like security, privacy and computing resources.

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