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Quentin Le Brouster

Co-Founder and CTO

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Quentin Le Brouster is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Back Market.

Passionate about tech, from an early age Quentin already repairs computers to give them a second life. He codes his first websites in high school and pursues this passion that drives him at university, where for 5 years he will learn to have a 360 vision of a tech project. At the end of his studies, Quentin joined the Neteven company where he spent 3 years understanding the ISs of large manufacturers and integrating the APIs of the largest global marketplaces. It was there that he met Thibaud to creat Back Market.

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Disrupting the technology marketplace with Back Market

Back Market’s Quentin Le Brouster outlines how his company looks to transform tech consumption by offering refurbished products as an alternative to new