CenturyLink announces decision to rebrand as Lumen

By Scott Birch
New brand will lead enterprises through the challenges and opportunities of Fourth Industrial Revolution...

CenturyLink has announced that it has rebranded itself as Lumen Technologies (Lumen) as part of a drive to help lead enterprises through the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

At a time when smart connective devices are prevalent, Lumen brings a new focus to how it views the marketplace and the world, with the purpose to further human progress through technology, the company says in a statement.

It added that the Fourth Industrial Revolution represents the latest technological shift to change how ‘everyone lives, works and thrives. At its core, this new age requires companies to effectively acquire, analyse and act upon their data to stay ahead of the curve and to be competitive’.

Therefore, Lumen’s combination of global technology infrastructure, powerful business solutions and industry-leading services creates the platform to help customers excel in this new industrial age, it adds.

"Our people are dedicated to furthering human progress through technology. Lumen is all about enabling the amazing potential of our customers, by utilizing our technology platform, our people, and our relationships with customers and partners,” says Jeff Storey, Lumen President and CEO, regarding the new brand name and purpose.


Courtesy of Lumen

The Lumen platform will help customers capitalise on emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to deliver smart cities, retail and industrial robotics, real-time virtual collaboration and automated factories, as well as power today’s business applications that require high-performance networking and security, the statement adds.

Furthermore, the platform will bring together Lumen’s highly interconnected global fibre network infrastructure, edge cloud capabilities, and security and communication and collaboration solutions to deliver a fast and secure foundation for the application and data services vital to customers’ success, it says.

“All of our futures will be driven by smart things, applications and digital services that use data for transformational purposes. To serve this colossal need and further human progress through technology, we have launched Lumen and are delivering our technology through the Lumen Platform, a platform for amazing things,” says Shaun Andrews, Lumen executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

He added that Lumen's worldwide fibre network infrastructure and complementary capabilities will allow it to deliver competitive advantages to customers in four key areas:

  • Adaptive Networking: Lumen provides hybrid network solutions built to quickly respond to customers' ever-changing data and application needs.
  • Edge Cloud & IT Agility: Lumen enhances application experiences by delivering low-latency, high performance data access and by moving data and workloads closer to where customers need them.
  • Connected Security: Lumen offers global threat intelligence, network-based security controls and deep security expertise to help customers protect their data and applications against constantly evolving threats.
  • Communications & Collaboration: Lumen's communication and collaboration solutions make it easy for people to stay connected, productive, and engaged wherever they are located.

Finally, the statement adds that CenturyLink, with its strong heritage, will continue as a trusted brand for residential and small business customers over traditional networks. 

In addition, the company has announced the launch of Quantum Fiber, a fully digital platform for the delivery of fibre-based products and services to residents and small businesses. Quantum Fiber will utilise Lumen’ extensive fibre network and infrastructure, it concludes.


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