Cellnex, Nokia to deploy private wireless networks

Cellnex and Nokia have announced they are strengthening their partnership to bring dedicated private wireless networks to enterprise customers

Cellnex Telecom and Nokia have agreed to strengthen their commercial collaboration and commitment in bringing private wireless networks to enterprise customers.

Over the past few years, Cellnex, through EDZCOM, has worked closely with Nokia in deploying dedicated wireless networks that have empowered companies in industries, such as energy, transport and logistics, manufacturing, mining, and healthcare with state-of-the-art digital transformation. Private wireless networks have greatly enhanced business operations by significantly improving safety, efficiency, and productivity.

More recently, the technology revolution in wireless connectivity and infrastructure has caused the market for private networks to grow even more rapidly in Europe. These developments now allow Cellnex and Nokia to step up their collaborative commercial efforts in different countries in the region.

Mikko Uusitalo, General Manager – Mission Critical & Private Networks, Cellnex, said: “Cellnex and Nokia have a strong and trusted partnership. Nokia has a leadership position in terms of winning deals which have enabled customers to adopt private wireless networks. At Cellnex we have many years of experience in designing, building, and operating customised private network solutions. 

“Leveraging the business resources of both companies, will allow us to boost industry 4.0 growth."

Matthieu Bourguignon, VP Europe, Enterprise Sales, Nokia, added: “Nokia has deployed mission-critical networks to over 2,200 leading enterprise customers in the transport, energy, large enterprise, manufacturing, webscale, and public sector segments around the globe. 

“And we have extended our expertise to more than 450 large private wireless customers worldwide. These successes are possible with our valued partners. We are excited to expand our partnership with Cellnex to enable digital transformation across an array of industries.”

5G allows automation and digitisation of operations for faster speeds and lower latency 

Fifth generation (5G) networks are becoming the standard means for companies to unlock growth by digitising and automating their operations. Private networks also offer increased reliability, low latency, and high bandwidth.

The ability to automate using secure wireless networks not only delivers gains in terms of  enhanced efficiency, faster speeds with lower latency and opens innovative ways for enterprises to generate new revenue streams. Most importantly, next-generation private networks enhance employee safety and help prevent accidents –a vital advantage for companies in the industrial sector.


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