Sunrise: Transforming a digital media landscape

Sunrise, the largest private telco provider in Switzerland, recently underwent a fundamental transformation; Senior Director Fabrizio Campanale reveals all

Fabrizio Campanale is Senior Director of Entertainment and In-Home Connectivity at Sunrise. In this role, he’s responsible for the video and connectivity platforms and services for Sunrise customers, serving over 1.5mn TV users and leading the deployment of new products in the Entertainment and In-Home connectivity domain. 

Campanale’s role involves managing – alongside his team – the local video network infrastructure, which consists of the engineering and operations that cover the collecting, processing, and distribution of video signals over the entire network, all the way up to the end of the value chain where it lands in the home of their customers. This in-home connectivity suite comprises the physical set-top-box or the app used by smart device customers.

Each element of the above falls in the remit of Campanale and his team, who are accountable for the in-home connectivity hardware and software products, including all modem and wifi extenders used by their customers through multiple types of network – all aiming to have optimal wifi or internet experience – as well as the best interoperability between TV and in-home internet services.

Here, he tells us more about the telco’s transformation and merger, and how it will positively impact customers.

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