OSN’s predictions for the future of media broadcasting

Peter Riz, the former CTO of OSN, reveals his future predictions for media broadcasting and OSN’s approach to meeting our ever-changing entertainment needs

Movie and video streaming represent one of the largest and fastest growing global sectors, with a number of pioneering providers continuously evolving these services. Such industry figures are connecting viewers across the world with more choices, more autonomy and more flexibility. 

OSN is the leading entertainment business across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with the rights to broadcast in 22 countries across the region.

The modern-media giant is the exclusive partner of the largest studios in the world– across both its box and streaming services. OSN also has long-term partnerships with studio majors including  HBO, NBC Universal, Fox, Paramount, MGM, Disney, and Sony, no less.

To find out more about this dynamic industry, we spoke to Peter Riz, the former CTO of OSN. We discussed his predictions for the media streaming industry, the launch of OSN’s new streaming service, the company’s future plans, and the digital transformation – and consequent cultural shift – that we can expect to see over the next few years.

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