Manish Mangal, Global Business Head, 5G & Network Services

Manish Mangal, Tech Mahindra’s Global Business Head, on envisaging the company’s future network as a driver for 5G telecoms transformation

As a technology-driven company, Tech Mahindra wants to lend a helping hand to both telecommunications service providers and enterprises as they transform their network infrastructure to make their businesses run better while improving customer service.

Responsible for running the company’s 5G & Network Services arm, Manish Mangal is the Global Business Head at Tech Mahindra, spending his days looking to create solutions from which customers would receive the most benefits.

When Manish Mangal joined Tech Mahindra three and a half years ago, he was invigorated and excited by the prospect of strapping in to join the digital services company as it propelled its mission to become a catalyst in the transformation of the telecommunications industry further. Now, Mangal and the team are sharply focused on the future of 5G, driven by the number of solutions this technology can enable.

With 5G set to transform the way people live and work, Tech Mahindra is determined to be an integral part of the transition and, as such, has created key focuses for its agenda to ensure that, as it catalyses the shift to 5G, it will continually meet the needs of its customers.

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