How XL Axiata empowers 50 million customers with Comarch

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Telco Business Development Manager Henry Locarno & Jan Svorobovic, Director of Business Development, discuss Comarch’s ongoing relationship with XL Axiata

Polish IT company Comarch has been cooperating with one of Axiata Group’s Indonesian subsidiaries – XL Axiata, a leading mobile telecommunications services operator – since 2016. 

With more than 30 years of experience in providing tech innovations for various industries – ranging from telecommunications through healthcare to finance, loyalty solutions, and banking – Comarch provides IT solutions including ERP business management systems, information security, CRM and sales support systems, electronic communications, network infrastructure management, IoT solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence.

“XL Axiata uses our award-winning AI-powered loyalty management platform for designing, building and running successful loyalty programmes,” Comarch’s Director of Business Development Jan Svorobovic explains. “Comarch is running six loyalty programmes for 50 million XL Axiata customers.”

The joint efforts yield impressive results, with each programme gathering millions of members. Axiapp, an Android-based application developed by PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) for indirect channel partners, won a gold award at the 2021 International Loyalty 360 Awards in the USA in the CX category.

Sustainability at the core of Comarch’s projects in 5G and technology

Henry Locarno, Comarch’s Telco Business Development Manager, stresses how much 5G technology contributes to the quality and delivery of its products - ensuring partners like Axiata can operate with confidence with business and environmental sustainability in mind.

“5G equipped with modern, smart systems can enhance sustainability in corporations and across societies as a whole,” he explains. “Sustainability is a strong accelerator of the changes happening in telecoms. This is a new dimension of efficiency which was not previously possible, and would not have arrived so fast without pressure from society and governments.”

Meeting ever-changing expectations of customers

“We’re constantly striving to perfect our technology and improve Comarch-powered loyalty programmes,” Svorobovic says. “With XL Axiata, we plan to keep polishing their already robust loyalty initiatives through a deeper analysis of the members’ needs and behaviors. We want to ensure our loyalty programmes are up to speed and live up to the ever-changing expectations of people who use them.”

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