Hear about the ways Vodafone Fiji is enriching Fijian lives

Listen to Vodafone Fiji CTO Vikash Prasad explain how the company is enabling financial freedom, equality and equity for the country’s underprivileged

With its many islands hemmed by crystalline waters that wash onto white sand and green-carpeted mountains, Fiji is a vista of immense natural beauty. 

The archipelago, made up of over 300 islands and 500 islets, was formed as a result of volcanic activity over 150 million years ago. Alongside tourism on the main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, minerals, sugar cane and fishing are the largest economic drivers and help sustain life on Fiji’s hundreds of land masses.

Despite this, though, the reality of daily life on Fiji’s islands belies the image most of us possess. Pockets of rural Fijian communities still function day-to-day with just 2G or, if they’re lucky, 3G connectivity, lacking the infrastructure needed to enhance this further for the time being.

But this is where Vodafone Fiji steps in. The company, which is “the main telecommunications player in Fiji” (with 85% market share), is committed to “enriching people’s lives” and overcoming the obstacles currently plaguing the archipelago.   

“When it comes to connectivity, we no longer treat it as a want, but as a basic need for customers now,” establishes Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Vikash Prasad, “especially in a developing country like Fiji, where there's lots of people who still live in these rural or maritime areas.”

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