Hear about MBN’s mission to mediate bias in MENA region

MBN’s CTO Mike Marno shares the broadcasting network’s overarching mission, the tech changes enabling it, and pivoting for a new generation of media

Northern Virginia may seem like an unusual location for the HQ of a MENA-targeted (the Middle East and North Africa) broadcasting network, what with its quaint, colonial streets in certain parts and distinctly Georgian ‘Old Town’ vibes in others. 

Though headquartered in the US, the primary recipients of Middle East Broadcasting Networks’ television and radio programming and news sites live in the Middle East and North Africa – the very people for whom the Middle East Broadcasting Network was created, with the purpose of sharing honest, accurate and unbiased news about the US. 

“MBN is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, live news service. We are the only one within the USA and our target market is specifically the MENA region, across 22 countries. And when I say North Africa, it's the region all the way over through Egypt, the northern coast from the ocean over across the Mediterranean,” explains MBN’s Chief Technology Officer, Mike Marno, who’s a veteran of the media entertainment industry having worked in it for around 33 years.


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