Exclusive video: Unleashing the Power of 5G with Zscaler

In the closing session of Cloud & 5G LIVE, Zscaler’s Ken Urquhart shared insights on transforming industries & accelerating innovation with the power of 5G

In the closing session of Cloud & 5G LIVE, Ken Urquart, Global Vice President, 5G Strategy, Zscaler, took to the virtual stage to showcase the transformational potential of 5G technology. 

In his keynote, Urquhart discussed various aspects of 5G, its impact on industries and its potential for innovation.

Urquhart’s session at the end of day two of the fully-virtual conference encouraged businesses to explore the potential of 5G technology and advised to consider how it can enhance products and services. 

Unleashing the Power of 5G: Transforming Industries and Accelerating Innovation with Ken Urquart, Global Vice President, 5G Strategy, Zscaler

“The revolution is turning into the evolution, and that is going to benefit everyone,” Urquhart said at the close of his session, shining a spotlight on transforming industries and accelerating innovation thanks to the power of 5G. “Think what this can do for your business.”

He explained in his punchy keynote how, as 5G is more than just a faster wireless data connection, with wireless speeds that match fibre transmission 5G is poised to transform industry. He talked through industry use cases — portable robotics, smart grid, asset tracking, drones, remote controlled cranes and machines, predictive maintenance — that are seeing unprecedented demand for the technology, and harnessing its power as its adoption grows.

“And we're not quite onto 6G,” he stressed, advising that waiting for next generation technology may not be necessary thanks to the continued evolution of 5G. “We're talking about it, but what we're looking at is 5G advanced where you're getting a lot of really interesting things like the ultra low latency, massive device scalability and very fine-grained location services available to you on a private system.”

Challenges and learning curves to be worked through were also highlighted by Urquhart, who emphasised that despite the never-ending capabilities of the technology, there is a need for diverse expertise to ensure effective roll out and adoption.

“There is a steep learning curve,” he started. “You're looking at marrying three different expertises into your organisation: classic IP knowledge, telco knowledge, and IoT devices.

“5G reached its 25% market penetration this year. Expect to see some big changes, real technological diversity. There will be more value being generated faster in different ways. By getting in now, you won't lose anything and you've got everything to gain as the evolution continues.”

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