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Ceren Clulow, Programme Director of Connecting Cambridgeshire at Cambridgeshire County Council, talks through 5G’s impact thanks to local initiatives

Ceren Clulow, Programme Director at Cambridgeshire County Council, joined the host of speakers at Cloud & 5G LIVE last month for a keynote on the transformative role of local bodies in the era of 5G. 

Working for communities businesses in improving infrastructure, including digital connectivity, Clulow brought a different perspective to Cloud & 5G LIVE, detailing how local authorities play a key role in facilitating the deployment of digital infrastructure and therefore enable digital transformation. 

Her empowering keynote showcased how organisations can leverage 5G technology to drive innovation and create sustainable communities.

5G and the Transformative Role of Local Bodies with Ceren Clulow, Programme Director of Connecting Cambridgeshire at Cambridgeshire County Council

With populations needing access to connectivity — whether rural, urban or on the move — Clulow highlighted the digital inequality that was exasperated by the pandemic. “We have the opportunity to make an impact,” she declared, stating that local authorities are part of the solution.

“5G can make a difference,” she said, affirming how it plays a specific role, but she fears many are isolated from or unaware of its benefits due to technical jargon affecting translation to general populations. Clulow said that digital transformation propelled by 5G creates new opportunities, and the technical capabilities to maximise community benefits need to be explored. This can be mitigated, she said, by focusing on outcomes — a key theme of Cloud & 5G LIVE 2023 — educating and giving intelligence to decision makers to make them digital champions which will propel 5G’s benefits and digital transformation to different platforms.

She went on to showcase how digital connectivity can and will have a positive impact on economic growth, job creation and upskilling, stressing the need for collaboration to ensure universal access to digital connectivity. 

“My ambition going forward is to show how connecting can be seen as a key enabler,” she professed. “Digital connectivity is key for every single sector."

She continued: “Every five years, we probably need to change the way we are working, and that service needs to be updated again. But if we digitise that, we can pick up the new technology and continue to move on.”

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