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Oracle’s Vice President of Global Financial Markets Christopher Marsh-Bourdon’s session at Cloud & 5G LIVE discussed Oracle’s Distributed Cloud Strategy

Opening day two of Cloud & 5G LIVE, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Vice President of Global Financial Markets Christopher Marsh-Bourdon took to the virtual stage to walk the audience members around the world through how Oracle’s Distributed Cloud Strategy enables the company to build clouds that have a range of deployment types for differing customer needs while all sharing the same OCI architecture, services, experience, and value. 

In his keynote, Marsh-Bourdon explained how Oracle Cloud’s strategy differs from that of other cloud providers’ and highlighted the importance of making sure workforces are armed with the right knowledge to make informed decisions.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Strategy with Christopher Marsh-Bourdon, Vice President of Global Financial Markets, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Marsh-Bourdon detailed how training is pivotal to strategy and ensuring people have the right skill sets to ensure successful cloud migration. “It’s about keeping your finger on the pulse moving forward,” he shared, forecasting that the next two-to-three years will see multicloud being the driving lights for customers and CSPs thanks to the flexibility it offers. He stressed enabling customers to select the right cloud is another main driver for the industry.

He also discussed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's strategy which centers on five key tenets, including building innovative services to drive business transformation, expanding into various geographies with both public and private regions, focusing on mission-critical workloads, offering a comprehensive suite of products as SaaS and providing different deployment options to choose the right cloud for businesses. 

Oracle's commitment to offering a range of deployment types was also put under the spotlight by Marsh-Bourdon, from commercial public clouds to EU sovereign clouds, government clouds and dedicated regions. “We wanted one compliance and security bar for all our services, hardware built to deploy in different types of data centres, and standardised processes for consistent deployments,” he said. 

As well as this, Marsh-Bourdon emphasised the importance of continuous improvement and the need for businesses to remain flexible and adaptable to evolving technology. “Continuous improvement is vital both at the individual and organisational levels,” he added. “I believe selecting best-of-breed technologies and having a core business outcome is essential to future-proof your applications and stack.”

With this future-centric approach, Marsh-Bourdon emphasised the need for a multi-cloud future and having the flexibility to choose the best cloud solutions from various cloud service providers (CSPs). "Multicloud is going to be a significant industry driver in the future,” he continued. “Concentration risk is a big concern for customers, and having multiple deployment types is valuable, especially in regulated industries."

Adding that businesses should avoid putting all their eggs in one basket by relying on a single CSP, Marsh-Bourdon emphasised that the industry is moving towards multi-cloud as a driving force, and this approach allows businesses to select the most suitable cloud for their specific needs and geographic locations. 

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