Connecting, evolving and leading the Australian market

Scott Robson, Executive Director of Deployment, outlines how Indara has achieved its trademark speed to market, and become Australia’s connectivity leader

From circa 750 sites in 2000, Indara has grown to a vast network of over 4,300 sites, with an additional 700 currently in development. 

Indara is Australia's leading independent owner and operator of digital infrastructure. Over the course of the last two decades, it has firmly established itself as Australia’s connectivity leader.   

“Our vision is to accelerate a sustainable digital future - across all of Australia - being the customer's first choice and provider of innovative infrastructure and support smarter and more connected communities.”  

“We own, build, operate and manage the critical physical infrastructure across the country. We've got deep industry knowledge and expertise delivering infrastructure across our portfolio.”

And, in charge of this extensive portfolio and its rapid expansion is Scott Robson, the Executive Director of Deployment at Indara. 

In an exclusive interview, we spoke to Robson about his role and the factors that enable Indara to strengthen its reputation as Australia’s digital infrastructure leader. 

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