Top 10 Smart Watches

As technology continues to innovate, smartwatches are becoming more popular. We’re breaking down the Top 10 smartwatches on the market today.

As technology has continued to innovate, devices such as smartwatches have become more and more popular. Features such as sleep tracking, advanced health features such as blood oxygen tracking and the ability to stay connected to friends and family have caused a boom in the industry. We’re breaking down the Top 10 smartwatches on the market today, to help you choose the right one.


Apple Watch SE - starting from £269

Image courtesy of Apple

The Apple Watch SE series is the best smartphone on the market in 2021, despite only being compatible for those who own an iPhone. There are many different options in the Apple watch series which can make it difficult to decide on the right one for you. 

The Apple Watch SE does almost everything the Apple Watch 6 series does for a fraction of the price, making it incredibly good value for money. The Apple Watch SE comes with a state of the art retina display, powerful S5 dual core SiP, fall detection and emergency SOS features.


Samsung Galaxy 3 - starting from £349

Image courtesy of Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy 3 is the best smartwatch on the market for anyone with an Android phone, although it is still compatible with android and ios. However, even though the Galaxy 3 can also be used with an Apple iPhone, the features are more limited when using an iPhone. The Galaxy 3 has been hailed as Samsung’s most accomplished wearable to date and it is great for monitoring your fitness, as well as being functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Garmin Fenix 6 - starting from £529.99

Image courtesy of Fenix

The Garmin Fenix 6 is the most expensive watch on our list, coming in at £380 more expensive than the Honor Magic 2. However, the Garmin Fenix 6 is one of the most advanced smartwatches on the market, which is reflected in the price. 

The Fenix 6 will track pretty much any outdoor activity you can think of, whilst also monitoring your heart rate on land and underwater. It also has a very impressive battery life, compared to some of the other wearables on the market.


Apple Watch 3 - starting from £199

Image courtesy of Apple

Although the Apple Watch 3 is four years old, it is still one of the better smartwatches available on the market, and it is also the cheapest option in the Apple store, making it great for people with iPhones. The design is more dated than the newer Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 6, but the device can be upgraded to the latest watchOS 7, making it compatible with the latest iPhones.


Fitbit Versa 3 - starting from £199.99

Image courtesy of Fitbit

Fitbit’s are a great option for people who aren’t bothered by having a wearable from the same manufacturer as their smartphone. The Fitbit Versa 3 is Fitbit’s most advanced smartwatch, with a built-in GPS, comfortable design and a user-friendly display. 

The only negative thing about the Fitbit devices is that they are heavily focused on fitness tracking, therefore they may lack other basic features found on the Apple and Samsung smartwatches.


Garmin Venu 2 - starting from £349.99

Image courtesy of Garmin

The Garmin Venu 2 has been designed to be a good balance between smartwatch and sports watch. It includes an accurate GPS, heart rate monitoring system and Garmin Coach training plans as well as storage for 650 songs, a high-resolution AMOLED display and the ability to receive and reply to smartphone notifications. The device is also compatible with gym equipment and third-party fitness apps.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 - starting from £249.99

Image courtesy of Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 compiles the best parts of the Galaxy Watch 3 into a more compact, sporty and comfortable version. It is also a cheaper option, making it a great option for those wanting a Samsung device. 

The smart device features a high quality 360 x 360 digital display and also comes with many different health and fitness features, including 39 workout modes, an ECG sensor, a blood pressure monitor, and a stress and sleep monitoring system.


Honor Magic 2 - starting from £149.99

Image courtesy of Honor

The Honor Magic 2 is the cheapest option on our list and is a great option for those who want to get fitter but don’t want to pay the high prices for some of the other more technologically advanced devices. 

This watch will track a wide range of sports as well as provide advice and feedback for certain activities. The battery life is incredibly good, lasting between one to two weeks. The only negative to this device is the lack of features, but for a cheaper option, it could be the ideal first device for people wanting to test the waters.


Fitbit Charge 4 - starting from £129.99

Image courtesy of Fitbit

Although the Fitbit Charge 4 is more of a fitness tracker than a fully fledged smartwatch, the device still has some great features and is a fraction of the price of some of the other more advanced smartwatches. 

Its sleek design makes it easy to wear everyday, and it is incredibly lightweight. Features include, fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, text and call notifications, and wellness exercises. You can also make contactless payments with Fitbit Pay and control your spotify playlist from the device.


Fossil Sport - starting from £219

Image courtesy of Fossil 

The Fossil Sport is the company’s most high-end watch to date and their many years of expertise in wearable technology has culminated in this device. The device features a lightweight design, GPS tracking and a 2 day battery life from a single charge. 

The Fossil Sport also features Qualcomm’s latest chip, the Snapdragon Wear 3100, which offers an incredibly smooth user experience. It’s not the most advanced piece of technology on the market today, but the low price and quality of design still make it a great choice.


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