Oct 29, 2020

The top 10 employers in the mobile industry

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Harry Menear
4 min
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Mobile Magazine takes a look at the 10 best employers in the mobile and telecom industry...

This week, Forbes and Statista have launched their annual joint report on the best companies to work at in the world. This is the fourth year that the two organisations have released the World’s Best Employers list, this year compiling data from 160,000 full and part time workers across 86 countries. 

The final list comprises 750 companies across 45 countries and is available here. This week, Mobile Magazine takes a closer look at the report’s top 10 companies in the telecom and mobile sector. Probably the most interesting takeaway from this year’s report is the dominance shown by Korean firms, which claimed three of the top 10 spots occupied by mobile and telecom industry companies. 

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