Mobitel's Leadership in Sri Lanka's Telecom Sector

Sri Lanka's telecom sector is seeing continued innovation
Telecom Titan Mobitel has pioneered connectivity in Sri Lanka, from 3.5G to e-waste reduction to community empowerment and inclusivity services

Mobitel leads Sri Lanka's telecom sector, from its base in Colombo. The company was founded in 1993, back in the days of chunky corded landline phones. Since then, Mobitel has led Sri Lanka through a range of mobile technology milestones, such as becoming the first service provider with a super 3.5G network in South Asia. 

Mobitel went on to offer the latest in 4G, 5G and Fibre optics, postpaid and prepaid connections, Broadband and other digital services. More recently, the company has turned its attention to supporting inclusivity and sustainability across the country, without letting its hold on telecommunications slip.

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Safety recycling e-waste at Mobitel’s main stores 

Electronic waste, known as e-waste, relates to discarded electrical or electronic devices, which have not been refurbished or resold. It is predicted that by 2030, there will be 75mn tonnes of e-waste on the planet, close to twice that from 2014.

This is a big problem, because such devices contain toxic components such as mercury, lead, cadmium and lithium. According to the World Health Organisation, if these are exposed to the human body, they can disrupt the development of the central nervous system during pregnancy, infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Even the healthcare sector is not exempt, as The World Health Organisation also reported that 85% of waste generated by health-care activities is non-hazardous, but the remaining 15% is infectious, chemical and even radioactive.

Mobitel has initiated an e-waste collection project, where customers can deposit their mobile-related e-waste at collection points at some of its main branches. Items Mobitel will collect include mobile phones, batteries, chargers and accessories. The items collected will then be offered to a Central Environmental Authority authorised e-waste supplier, where they will be recycled properly.

Mobitel is fighting back against e-waste at its main stores

Mobitel’s new 'Co-Connection' to support ESG initiatives 

Mobitel understands the role businesses play in the modern world in building a sustainable future for all. 

Under its new ESG theme 'Co-Connection', Mobitel is dedicated to implementing responsible initiatives to lower the human impact on the environment and empower communities.

Co-Connection will:

  • ‘Co-Connection for the Environment’ aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve energy. Mobitel has also adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for its social responsibility work.
  • ‘Co-Connection for Society’ improves the wellbeing of communities and workers, with initiatives to provide educational programmes and health aid, as well as supporting diversity and reducing poverty.
  • ‘Co-Connection for Governance’ focuses on improving the transparency, accountability and integrity of the organisation.
  • To support whistleblowing procedures, Mobitel has improved measures to ensure company employees, stakeholders and the public can report concerns which could adversely affect the company.
Sri Lanka's telecom sector has led the nation's connectivity, from landlines to 5G

Mobitel’s language inclusivity

Sri Lanka is a widely diverse country, with many faiths to honour, including Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam and Hinduism. The country has two official languages for the telecoms sector to manage, Sinhala and Tamil, and English is also recognised. 

The team at Mobitel are keen to reflect the unique Sri Lankan culture and have done so with the Mobitel Religious Thought of the Day service, which enables subscribers to receive a call at a predefined time of the day, where they can listen to a religious quote from a faith of their choice. 

For customers who enjoy video content, Mobitel’s subscription based Astrological service provides subscribers with their daily lagna prediction as video content. 


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