Would you pay to watch Eurovision in the metaverse?

In a survey, 16-24-year-olds said they would be interested in watching Eurovision in the metaverse and use technology to enhance their viewing experience

Teenagers and those in their early twenties are leading the way when it comes to excitement about this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest and are keen to further enhance their Eurovision experience by using technology.

Amdocs’ survey of 1,000 UK consumers found those in Gen Z - in the 16 to 24 age bracket - are the most enthusiastic about Saturday’s grand final, with 67% planning to watch at home, in a pub or public screening, or by going to the live show in Liverpool compared to just 35% of those aged 55 and over.

Broadcasts of the contest - the first on UK soil in 25 years - will be watched by over 160 million viewers worldwide, with more than eight hours of live TV and 50 live feeds. More than three quarters of Gen Z-ers surveyed, 76%, would be interested in watching Eurovision in the metaverse, compared to 48% across the entire population - so much so that a third of Gen Z consumers, 34%, would pay more to watch in the metaverse, nearly double the 18% average across all age groups.

Gil Rosen

“Eurovision fever is alive and well amongst younger viewers and there is a strong appetite within this age group to harness the power of technology to take their experience to the next level,” said Gil Rosen, Chief Marketing Officer at Amdocs. “For providers of technology and connectivity, our findings demonstrate the scale of the opportunity around major entertainment events, whether consumers are enjoying them in the home or live at the venue. In the era of 5G and immersive technologies, providers that meet consumers’ demands and expectations around technology-led entertainment will reap the rewards.”

BBC Director of Unscripted Kate Phillips said this year’s Eurovision event - held in Liverpool on behalf of 2022’s winners Ukraine - "is one of the biggest events the BBC has ever produced” with Gen Z viewers clearly engaged with enhancing their viewing experience of the spectacle through evolving technology.

A majority, 53%, of 16-24-year-olds said AR experiences would enhance their in-home Eurovision viewing experience - for example by making pyrotechnics, glitter and other effects appear to pop out of a screen by pointing a smartphone at the TV during a performance. This is a significantly higher proportion than any other age group.

And tech is just as important to viewers when watching from the arena itself - when attending live entertainment events like Eurovision, 53% of Gen Zs believe it’s important to have good mobile connectivity in the venue so they can still make calls, send messages and share photos and videos during the event. That being said, 30% would pay more for a ticket in exchange for a guarantee of fast, reliable 5G mobile connectivity, putting 16-24-year-olds way ahead of other age groups in terms of their desire for reliable in-show connectivity at a live event.


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