Infosys Consulting: Best-in-class partner for Sunrise UPC

Infosys Consulting is supporting Swiss-based Sunrise UPC to unlock the power of digital technology

Infosys Consulting is supporting Sunrise UPC to unlock the power of digital technology. The vision to reinvent an enterprise to compete in a digital world is the daily focus for experts at Infosys Consulting who unlock the power of disruptive technology to make this dream a reality.

Seamless connectivity,  powered by 5G and fixed network infrastructure, for millions of customers is the result of one of the biggest mergers in Switzerland between Sunrise and UPC. Offering a comprehensive suite of digitally aware services for practically every major industry, Infosys is described by Sunrise UPC as a “best-in-class”  partner for navigating digital technology.

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. For nearly four decades, the company - which boasts more than 250,000 employees - has expertly steered its clients to navigate their digital transformation. In 2004 Infosys Consulting was created with an aim to help enterprises pursue a path of smart digital transformation and focus on all enterprises from financial services to retail and life sciences.

“The world of business has reached a tipping point, driven by disruptive technologies,” said Thomas Vogt, Partner of Infosys Consulting. “Companies may find themselves at a crossroad where they must choose to embrace digital transformation to evolve, reinvent and reimagine their businesses or be left behind."

Digital core solutions

Infosys Consulting helps enterprises augment their core digital capabilities allowing them to become agile to market trends and evolve over time, often overcoming a complex legacy landscape that dates back many years. By augmenting the digital core, a company can augment their digital capabilities and bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.

“This results in higher standardisation, lower cost, increased flexibility and time to adapt to new digital solutions and features coming up in future, which you might not have on the radar,” commented Vogt, who is responsible for the SAP practice in the DACH region (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) and for manufacturing customers in Europe.

Best-in-class partner of Sunrise UPC

Fabrizio Campanale, Senior Director of Entertainment and In-Home Connectivity at Sunrise UPC, Campanale commented on the importance of Sunrise UPC’s partnerships with Infosys  in relation to the end-to-end service of entertainment and connectivity in the home.

“If you look at how we need to analyse KPI’s and interoperability of the multiple devices in the in-home connectivity, the only way is through a cloud-based managed service and third-party application. Our partners are key to this strategy. We are constantly improving cloud service-based management, thanks to these partners. We have a service platform with supported services with Infosys.“Our ecosystem is built, conceived, and designed together with our partners, and we only choose the partners that are best in class”, he said.



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