Hiya: Helping carriers secure their networks and stop spam

We take a look at how Hiya stops spammers, blocks fraudsters, and enables businesses to connect with their customers again

On a mission to modernise voice with trust, identity and intelligence, Hiya’s Voice Performance Platform connects businesses with their customers, protects people from spam and fraud calls, and helps carriers secure their networks for all. 

Hiya’s SaaS applications, Hiya Connect and Hiya Protect, serve more than 200 million users, power services like AT&T Call Protect and Samsung Smart Call, and deliver voice performance insights to businesses across the globe.

Hiya’s call protection service is powered by self-learning AI models and is integrated directly into wireless networks and smartphone devices across the globe. According to the company, it currently protects more than 200 million users by flagging spam calls and blocking fraud calls from reaching consumers.


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Protecting children from spam and fraud 

Hiya recently partnered with Gabb Wireless, a leader in providing safe tech for children, to protect them from spam and fraud calls in the United States. 

The spam and fraud call problem affects everyone with a phone number, no matter their age or location. According to Hiya’s 2022 State of the Call Report, Americans received an average of 18 spam and fraud calls per month last year. The collaboration between Hiya and Gabb is bringing the industry’s most advanced call protection service, Adaptive AI, to the Gabb Wireless Phone as well as future models and, most importantly, provides a critical layer of protection for kids so they are only communicated with as intended.

"This is a unique opportunity to deploy our services to protect one of the most vulnerable groups of phone users. Hiya’s services are directly integrated into devices, networks, and apps worldwide, and we’re excited to add another partner and bring our technology to the people who need it,” said Kush Parikh, President at Hiya.

Gabb Wireless will integrate Hiya’s call protection features directly into the phone dialer on the Gabb Phone, an Android device.

“Protecting kids from unwanted contact and introducing them to technology safely is at the forefront of everything we do. We're excited about our new partnership with Hiya,” said Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb Wireless.


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