Apr 26, 2021

Samsung Galaxy M12 to be launched in South Korea

Sam Steers
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Courtesy of Samsung Electronics
Samsung will launch its M12 smartphone in South Korea this week, expanding its budget smartphone range...

Samsung announced today it will be launching its new Galaxy M12 smartphone in its home market of South Korea.

The announcement comes as the tech giant looks to increase sales in the nation with a fleet of more affordable, competitively priced smartphones. 

Whilst the phone is already available in Vietnam, India, Europe, and the UK, South Korean sales of the new M12 are expected to begin on Wednesday, 28 April, but will be online only at a price of US$180 each, the company said. 

The M12 will also only be available to customers in the Southeast Asian nation in black, although it will come as either part of a carrier or unlocked. 

Features of the phone include 6.5-inch LCD Infinity-V display with HD+ resolution, a 5,000 mAh battery, and a 48mp quad-camera. 

In addition, the M12 is equipped with Android’s latest software, Android 11 and is Bluetooth and USB Type-C port equipped. 

Customers also receive a two-month YouTube Premium pass, Samsung claims. 

Last year, Samsung was the leading mobile company in the South korean smartphone market, holding a share of 65 per cent. 

This percentage is greater than Apple who held a 20 per cent share in the market, and LG who had a 13 per cent share. 

More information about the Galaxy M12 can be found on Samsung’s website.  

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May 12, 2021

Microsoft: Inspiring women in tech

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Microsoft in Finland’s CMO Janina Backlund understands the value of diverse teams that represent the customers served and reflect audience needs

Microsoft is partnering with Telia in Finland to deliver an evolving customer experience; one made up of rich H2H (human-to-human) interactions. “We need to stay relevant with our customers with the right message on the right channel and at the right moment,” says Microsoft Finland’s CMO Janina Backlund. “The values a company represents are having a growing impact on this scenario.”

Value-Based Marketing

How those values are communicated is very important, believes Backlund. “You can't simply copy/paste value messages on top of something. They need to be authentic so you go to market in a way that matters to the audience you want to engage with. And those values need to be lived upon in the company’s everyday life; we really need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

Surface the Women

Microsoft has been running its #SurfaceTheWomen campaign for three years now; in tune with Telia’s aim to have 40% of its leadership roles allocated to women by 2023. “Gender equality is a conversation that needs to progress. Diversity and inclusion are written into our DNA at Microsoft,” explains Backlund. “These are core values grounding the way we develop our technology which needs to be accessible for everybody. Microsoft’s offering needs to represent the diverse audiences we aim to serve. This extends all the way to the teams we recruit; which must represent those same customers. It's difficult to create innovations that are actually meaningful for our end users if we don't make sure the teams developing them are diverse and value inclusion.”

Women in Tech

“#SurfaceTheWomen has given women in tech a platform and a voice to tell their stories,” adds Backlund. “It can open the industry for other women. For example, this year, we were very much focusing on the different myths that are related to the industry from a female perspective. We’re tackling the misconception that you need to have a certain kind of background to be able to build a career in tech. Women can come from all walks of life and #SurfaceTheWomen provides the opportunity to tell that story, share the backgrounds they have and talk about their career in technology. Ultimately, we aim to inspire other women to make that leap forward with their careers in tech.”


“Our partnership with Microsoft is very important to us. They offer us a strong foundation for digital services and modern, digital workplace solutions and to our customers. Customer expectations in this kind of environment (the global pandemic) are all about employee productivity and satisfaction. We are also very focused on data security and our IT assets. Microsoft workplace solutions combined with our offering enables us to offer customers services that help them improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.”

Kirsi Kantele, HR Director, Telia


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