T-Mobile to Support Communities during Natural Disasters

T-Mobile's Un-carrier is supporting communities and first responders
T-Mobile's is on a dual mission to support communities following a natural disaster, while advancing 5G technology for customers

When disaster strikes and you drop your phone in the sink, a bag of rice can help dry out your phone and get you back online. But for those in a community-wide natural disaster, things can be a bit more difficult. Staying connected and reuniting with loved ones or contacting emergency services will be first on the minds of many in communities which live with the threat of hurricane and wildfires. 

T-Mobile is on hand to help customers, communities, businesses, first responders and government agencies safe - and stay connected when it matters the most.

T-Mobile’s disaster relief support

T-Mobile is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG which offers wireless telecommunications services, as well as voice calls, text messaging, video calling and data communications to customers. The service is consistently ranked first for customer care among mobile network operators, which is why we included T-Mobile in our Top 10: Leading Global Telecommunication Operators

In the event of an emergency, T-Mobile has taken significant steps to further prepare its network, teams and resources, by: 

  • Activating a new 2.5 GHz spectrum to increase critical coverage and capacity for nearly 60m customers across the country
  • Strengthening its network with permanent backup power solutions, such as generators and batteries
  • Opening a Community Support Advocates Program to provide disaster response and recovery training for T-Mobile employees looking to support on the frontlines
  • Later this year, T-Mobile will add new XL SatCOLTs (Satellite Cell-On-Light-Trucks) and XL SatCOWs (Satellite Cell-On-Wheels), its biggest disaster response network vehicles to date
  • Increasing its vehicle fleet of network SatCOLTs and SatCOWs, as well as heavy-duty trucks to provide Wi-Fi and device charging.
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To keep people connected, T-Mobile will continue to expand coverage and capacity

The global T-Mobile is dedicated to supporting local communities - in the challenging times as well as the good.  

“In times of crisis, T-Mobile is ready to show up for our customers and our communities and take action to help in recovery where it is most needed,” said Jon Freier, Consumer Group President at T-Mobile. “Our teams will be on the ground, ready to offer our hands and hearts in times of need and ensure that we’re there to support as best we can through the toughest of challenges.”

“At T-Mobile, we understand the vital role we have in keeping people connected during challenging times, so we continue to expand coverage and capacity, invest in network resilience and evolve our approach to disaster response to be ready to respond when we’re needed,” added Ulf Ewaldsson, President of Technology at T-Mobile. “Connectivity is a lifeline in a crisis, so we’ve increased training, added more vehicles and further built our network.” 

T-Mobile’s priority is to ensure everyone who needs connectivity has access to it, from families to first responders to general public safety, T-Mobile will be ready.

T-Mobile: stay connected during natural disasters

T-Mobile's 5G solutions transform the fan experience

Besides emergencies, T-Mobile’s technology is advancing the viewing experience. The company aims to deploy 5G solutions at the PGA Championship, to enhance the PGA Championship fan experience for viewers at home, as well as those watching at the Valhalla Golf Club. 

The PGA Championship is an annual golf championship, the final men's major of the golf season, led by the Professional Golfers' Association of America. 


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